Domino’s Wants To Pay You Cash For Your Pizza Designs

Domino’s Pizza has revamped the “build-a-pizza” system on its online menu with a new graphical interface that makes it easier to design bespoke pizzas from scratch. What’s interesting is that you can actually make real money off the results. Domino’s is providing commissions of up to $4.50 per pizza when other customers purchase one of your creations.

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Everyone reckons they’re a master chef when it comes to pizza. We all have an exact combination of sauce, cheese, toppings and crust that we swear by. Well, you now have an opportunity to prove your pizza’s worth via Domino’s Pizza Mogul promotion.

Pizza Mogul is essentially an added incentive to use the create-your-own pizza section on Domino’s website. After designing your pizza, you have the option of naming and sharing it on the site.

To get started, you need to sign up to the Pizza Mogul website either via email or Facebook. You can then start creating pizzas via Domino’s online menu page. Every sale will earn the creator between $0.25 and $4.50 per pizza, depending on the number of toppings it has.

To redeem cash, users log into their Mogul profile and follow the cash out process. You can also elect to donate a percentage of your earnings to charity.

So what’s the catch? The terms and conditions are pretty standard for this sort of thing: you can’t make misleading statements, compare your pizza to other people’s products or be mean, vulgar or offensive (so that rules out my placenta pizza then). Naturally, you’re also not allowed to use other people’s trade marks or copyright without their permission.

In fact, the only problem we can see with this promotion is the limited number of ingredients to choose from. It won’t take long for all the choicest combinations to be snapped up at which point “moguls” will be left with crappy flavour combinations. In other words, if you don’t get in quick, you’re unlikely to make much dough, so to speak.

Pizza Mogul

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