These 10 Aussie Suburbs Ordered More Than 40,000 Pepperoni Pizzas In a Single Year

These 10 Aussie Suburbs Ordered More Than 40,000 Pepperoni Pizzas In a Single Year
Contributor: Lifehacker Australia

As far as ordering takeaway goes, you can’t really go past a pepperoni pizza. It’s humble, reliably consistent and is guaranteed to have a burst of flavour. According to Domino’s own sales data, it’s also extremely popular but some Australian suburbs have a passion for pepperoni that rivals no other.

In the lead up to National Pepperoni Pizza Day, an actual day dedicated to the topping favourite, Domino’s has released data showing which Australian suburbs are most partial to a piece of the pepperoni pie.

Pepperoni pizza has a rich history dating back to New York City in the post-World War One years. Since then, it’s exploded into a global favourite and Domino’s says it sells an average of 40,500 of the flavour each day.

“Over the years, pepperoni on pizza has only continued to grow in popularity, its salty and slightly sweet flavour profile complimenting the traditional tomato sauce and cheese combination of a typical pizza,” a Domino’s post on the matter reads.

“These days, pepperoni is so synonymous with pizza that it’s the featured topping on the official pizza emoji! Ollie Wagner, the pizza emoji’s designer (and self-professed pepperoni pizza lover) believes it’s not just the taste of the pizza that makes it so appealing, but the way it looks.”

While it takes the crown for the most popular pizza, Domino’s revealed earlier this year it’s trailed by Meatlovers, Supreme, Hawaiian and Beef & Onion. Sadly, Margherita didn’t make the cut.

The suburbs where the population is likely part pepperoni

Interestingly, Queensland suburbs dominated the list with five out of 10 being located in the northern state. New South Welshpeople took out three spots while Western Australia and Tasmania both had a polling place each.

Without further ado, here are where the country’s pepperoni pizza obsessives live over the past 12 months in order of most obsessed:

  1. Domino’s Redbank Plains (QLD)
  2. Domino’s Surry Hills (NSW)
  3. Domino’s Fairfield Heights (NSW)
  4. Domino’s Robina (QLD)
  5. Domino’s Bundaberg (QLD)
  6. Domino’s Morayfield (QLD)
  7. Domino’s Lake Haven (NSW)
  8. Domino’s Holland Park (QLD)
  9. Domino’s Jindalee (WA)
  10. Domino’s Glenorchy (TAS)

The list combines pepperoni pizza options from its Value, Loaded and New Yorker ranges.

Questions remain as to why was pepperoni particularly popular in these places as opposed to others? Or how on Earth each of these stores managed to sell more than 40,000 of the flavour in just a 12-month period.

Perplexing, yes, but maybe that’s just the sort of power pepperoni pizza has over us.

Now that you’re probably salivating for one of your own, you can stop by our Dominoes coupon page to nab up to 33% off their traditional pizza range (yes, that includes pepperoni).

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