Domino’s Sausage Sizzle Pizza Makes You Feel Like You’re At Bunnings

Domino’s Sausage Sizzle Pizza Makes You Feel Like You’re At Bunnings

Happy National Pizza Day everyone! There is no better, or more Australian, way to celebrate this occasion than with Domino’s new Sausage Sizzle Pizza.

If you are dubious about this odd new pizza flavour, fear not. The team at Lifehacker Australia have taste-tested this guy and are ready to report the good, the bad and the delicious of it all.

Let’s dig in.

The good

dominos sausage sizzle pizza
Image: Lifehacker Australia

Australians are very familiar with the tradition of the Bunnings sausage sizzle. If you are not, first, who are you? And second, if I must explain, it is the art of placing a barbecued sausage in a slice of white bread, topped with onion and your sauce of choice.

Domino’s has taken this sacred idea and transformed it into a pizza. Genius! …But does it work?

The toppings you will encounter on the Sausage Sizzle pizza are as follows: grilled onion, mozzarella cheese, BBQ beef sausage, tomato and mustard sauces. Pretty much a sausage sizzle if you swap out the bread for a pizza base, right?

The flavours of mustard, tomato and onion blend together to bring the iconic topping taste and the sausage pieces provide a meaty base. A nice addition is cheese, which holds everything together, but is a rare delicacy for a typical sausage sizzle set up.

Biting into the pizza you can close your eyes and almost feel like you’re outside of a Bunnings.

A few of my colleagues also got their hands on the sausage sizzle slice. Here are their thoughts:

“It was like eating a hot dog run through a blender, dumped on pizza – but somehow it was really good. I think it confused my mouth a bit, but I liked it a lot.” – Leah

“It essentially tastes like meat lovers but with mustard. I’d definitely eat it again.” – Carlos

“I quite rated that pizza! Mustard goes pretty well on it, which I wouldn’t have initially thought. Put that and meat lovers in front of me and I’m choosing the sausage sizzle.” – Krishan

Some bold claims here, but it’s true, the Sausage Sizzle Pizza really does give meat lovers a run for its money.

The not so good

The only sticking point that I can find with the Sausage Sizzle pizza is that not everyone likes every topping on their sausage sizzle. A sausage sizzle is a surprisingly personal curated experience, so having everything lumped into one pizza might just ruin the experience for you.

For me, it was too much mustard. I’m normally a tomato-sauce-only kind of person, so the addition of mustard was overpowering, in my opinion.

The only way to know for sure if the Sausage Sizzle pizza is for you, however, is to try it. But to do that, you’ll need to be quick. This special pizza is around for a limited time only.

You can order it for delivery or pick up from Domino’s website and it will only set you back $7.95. Stopping by our Dominoes coupon page will also nab you up to 33% off the rest of their traditional pizza range if you want to make a whole family dinner out of it.

So, what better occasion to try out this new Aussie classic than for National Pizza Day? Let us know your thoughts on this new flavour in the comments!

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