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Domino’s has released New Pizza Chef, an app for Android and iOS that uses the latest in augmented reality (AR) technology to help you create your own pizzas and put you in charge of the pizza kitchen's creative department. Here's how it works.


Roy Morgan Research has released its figures for Australian takeaway consumption in 2018. The report includes the average number of takeaway visits per month and the ten most popular chains in the country. While the featured restaurants aren't surprising, the ordering did cause us to raise an eyebrow. Domino's Pizza and Subway aren't as popular as you might think.


We have some potentially bad news for Domino's fans: according to a report in the SMH, the fast food giant is killing off the Chef's Best range. Instead, it will serve up a new range of pizzas that are reportedly smaller and more expensive. It's all part of an image revamp that will see the brand marketing itself towards premium takeaway lovers. Here are the details.


Once upon a time, the only way to get home delivered pizza was by calling on the phone. Not "a" phone. "The" phone. (Most households only had one.)

We can't remember the last time we dialled actual phone numbers to order a pizza, but it turns out you still can. Buoyed by the current fad for all things retro, Domino's wants you to know that you can still order pizzas the old fashioned way - and it's even bringing back the "131 888" number.


Over the past week, Domino's has been offering a respectable 50% off any pizza purchase - including delivery orders. The deal ends tonight so if you didn't get around to taking advantage of this offer, now's your last chance!


Domino's Pizza will be jacking up its menu prices by 10 per cent on Sundays. This surcharge has been introduced due to an increase in weekend penalty rates for Domino's workers. If you're currently watching your pennies, the smart move here is to avoid Domino's Pizza on Sundays entirely. Problem solved!


In the 1980s, Pizza Hut was much more than a home delivery chain. Its dine-in restaurants formed a staple Saturday night for many Australian families. Sadly, by the mid-90s, most of these pizzerias had shut down due to rising real estate costs and changing dining habits. If you miss the days of all-you-can-eat buffets and bottomless soft drinks, we have some stirring news - Pizza Hut is looking to relaunch sit-down restaurants Down Under. Hurrah!


Have you ever had a craving for pizza, but couldn't be arsed going through the online ordering process? Apparently, you're not alone: Domino's Pizza is launching a new mobile app that instantly delivers your favourite pizza to your door when you open the app. If you have a Siri-equipped iPhone, you can arrange a delivery without so much as glancing at your phone. The future is pizza.


First it was autonomous pizza-dispensing robots. Now, Domino's is bringing a fleet of pizza delivery drones to the masses. If the headline-hungry company can be believed, New Zealand customers will soon be receiving pizzas from the skies via a technology partnership with drone delivery service Flirtey.

Domino's has proudly proclaimed its new initiative as the first commercial drone delivery service in the world. However, there's no timeframe for when the service will be available and the service is still seeking approval from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Hmmm.


Last week, Australian pizza chain Eagle Boys entered into voluntary administration which is usually a death knell for struggling businesses. If you're wondering why this once-dominant franchise is in danger of shutting down, the following chart from Roy Morgan Research paints a pretty stark picture.


The future is pizza. Last night, Domino's Australia unveiled DRU -- the world's first commercial autonomous delivery vehicle. This isn't a fictional marketing campaign; it's a bona fide robot that can do everything from navigate fences to talk to customers. We were given a sneak peak of the first prototype in Brisbane, which will be the testing ground for this cutting-edge delivery system. Here's everything you need to know!


How's this for a weekend deal? Domino's is slashing the price of pizzas by 40 per cent until 11:59pm Saturday. The promotion is available for all pizzas except the Value Range which means you can save up to $8 per pizza.