Lunchtime Deal: KFC Streetwise $5 Box

If you're after a cheap lunch KFC is offering a special deal this week: a $5 box that contains a Charger sub, Wicked Wing, chips and a regular potato & gravy.

It also includes a 250ml Mountain Dew, Pepsi or Pepsi Max that can upsized to 375ml for an extra $0.50. OzBargain readers report that they have seen the offer made at Melbourne Central; others are saying it's available in other places around the country. It seems that the deal in Queensland doesn't include the beverage.


    I've seen this one advertised in WA, but I'm not sure about the drink. I know one is included, but I don't remember seeing anything about an upgrade option.

    I had this deal on george st in sydney last week. it included the 250ml drink. great value!

    Asked today at Helensvale (QLD). The guy that served me didn't know if it included a drink or not, so went and asked his manager. The manager on duty didn't know, so said to take a 375ml can for 5c (he couldn't put it through at no cost).

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