Lunchtime Deal: KFC Streetwise $5 Box

Lunchtime Deal: KFC Streetwise $5 Box

If you’re after a cheap lunch KFC is offering a special deal this week: a $5 box that contains a Charger sub, Wicked Wing, chips and a regular potato & gravy.

It also includes a 250ml Mountain Dew, Pepsi or Pepsi Max that can upsized to 375ml for an extra $0.50. OzBargain readers report that they have seen the offer made at Melbourne Central; others are saying it’s available in other places around the country. It seems that the deal in Queensland doesn’t include the beverage.


  • I’ve seen this one advertised in WA, but I’m not sure about the drink. I know one is included, but I don’t remember seeing anything about an upgrade option.

  • I had this deal on george st in sydney last week. it included the 250ml drink. great value!

  • Asked today at Helensvale (QLD). The guy that served me didn’t know if it included a drink or not, so went and asked his manager. The manager on duty didn’t know, so said to take a 375ml can for 5c (he couldn’t put it through at no cost).

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