Lunch Deal: Get Nine Pieces Of KFC For $9.95

Lunch Deal: Get Nine Pieces Of KFC For $9.95
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KFC has resurrected its Tuesday-only offer of nine pieces of original recipe chicken for $9.95 (around $1.10 per piece). That’s approximately 8000 kilojoules of finger-lickin’ good!

Following in the footsteps of Hungry Jack’s Twosdays promotion, KFC has brought back its $9.95 nine-piece chicken deal. For around the same price as a two-piece feed, KFC is cramming nine whole pieces of chicken into one greasy box. You know you want it.

KFC’s nutrition guide suggest that two pieces of chicken run to around 1785kJ, so powering through nine pieces all by yourself probably isn’t wise. (That’s pretty much your entire daily energy intake in one sitting.)

However, as a shared meal for three (or even four) this is brilliant value for money if you’re keen for a naughty lunch. It also represents a great way to buy in bulk for frugal shoppers with plenty of room in the freezer — $1.10 per chicken piece is pretty hard to argue with.

You could probably up the value even further by requesting breast and thigh pieces only — this is probably against KFC policy but we doubt many cashiers give a damn one way or the other as long as you’re paying.

Apparently, the deal has been a semi-regular fixture at select outlets around the country, but has now been rolled out to all stores nationwide. There has been no word on when the deal ends, but the end of the month is probably a good bet. We’ve contacted KFC and will update the article once we’ve heard back from them.

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  • Has anyone tried freezing and reheating KFC? How does it turn out?

    Also, in my experience KFC workers don’t like selling large amounts of only one piece, especially breast pieces. Apparently they have set combinations of pieces to use. Which makes sense I guess, you don’t want one guy wiping out half the night’s supply of breast pieces in one order.

    • KFC chicken pieces tend to turn into a greasy mess after a few minutes inside the packaging — so nuking it in the microwave doesn’t make a huge amount of difference.

      As to the breast policy, look for a cashier near the end of their shift (they’ll be the one with dead, soulless eyes). Chances are they’ll be too knackered and fed up to challenge your order.

  • This deal actually pissed me off. It used to be advertised as 10 pieces for $10, then came back as this a few weeks later.

  • “That’s pretty much your entire daily energy intake in one sitting.” Even with a 45min run at the end of the day, that’s STILL over my kJ allowance (small, female, mainly sedentary). WOW.

    • Yeah good call April. People need to remember that the 8700kj is just an aggregate figure. Individual needs vary. Your needs as a small female sedentary person and my needs as a tall and large, male, super hero athlete are very different.

  • Personally the only request I make is no thigh pieces as I can’t figure out which end is the arse, and uusally as a bounus I get more breast pieces and drumsticks.
    Man I wish I had a KFC in waddeling distance.

    • In this thread I learned that thigh pieces are a thing that exist and are different from drumsticks!

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