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It's that time of the year when folks who plan ahead are looking at the toy sales and planning their Christmas shopping, upcoming birthdays and other occasions can take advantage of some great toy sales. Many retailers are having sales so it's good time to check out what's available and to save a few bucks.


Every now and then JB HiFi pulls a quick sale and today is one of those days. They're having a Wicked Wednesday sale with 5 percent off a bunch of deals as well as $300 off a 40-inch TV, 10 percent of Apple computers and a bunch of other deals. Here are five of the best.


Boxing Day is for three things in my world: watching the cricket, watching the NBA and just sitting on my laptop looking for crazy deals to spend all my extra Christmas cash on. I’m not big on braving the crowds clamouring for a bargain, so it’s good to know I can just pick up all the deals with a few clicks.

If you’re in the same boat, then Lifehacker has your back – here are the best deals from Boxing Day 2017 and some last well into the new year!


Click Frenzy may have officially ended last night, but the deals don't have to stop! Some retailers have extended their offers until the end of day today, some discount codes seem to still be working and some stores are still displaying great prices.

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As Tenacious D once sang: "Look into my eyes and it's easy to see, one and one make two, two and one make three. It was DESTINY". And yes, now we're here, where Destiny has become Destiny 2. Finally! One of the most hotly anticipated titles this year is out!

Right here is where you can find the absolute cheapest copies of Destiny 2 in Australia.


As you are most likely aware, there's currently a Steam Sale on with huge discounts across hundreds of PC games. It is there, hovering, existing. Vibrating. Humming in your ear like wallet-sapping static. What should you pick up? I asked everyone in our office to provide some recommendations. Here's what we all came up with.


The Dick Smith of my childhood was a magical place. Gazing with wide eyes at the gadgets and gizmos around me, I was resigned to never owning them but found satisfaction in looking and dreaming. The store that I visited this week was a pit of despair and humiliation, as consumers picked the bones of the carcass and workers faced the end with resigned apathy.


Yesterday morning, Dick Smith kicked off its closing down sale as it prepares to permanently shut down all stores in New Zealand and Australia over the next eight weeks. To many, the deals weren't quite up to the "fire sale" moniker they had been labeled under, with most items slashed by just 20 per cent. However, we have it on good authority that the discounts will receive a big increase this Thursday. Here's what you need to know.