Anthony forged a successful career as an IT executive before turning his communications skills to the media. He has written for every major technology masthead in Australia, covering consumer tech, information security and enterprise systems. He’s been a Lifehacker contributor for many years as well as editing Macworld Australia. He has appeared on every major TV network in Australia and is a regular commentator on radio as well as countless podcasts. As well as writing he runs the occasional marathon and trail race and can be found yelling “Drop it” in a loud voice to his dogs in local parks.

  • These Boxing Day Bargains Are Available Right Now

    These Boxing Day Bargains Are Available Right Now

    It’s offical. Traditional retail is all out of ideas. We’ve moved from Black Friday, to Cyber Monday, through Click Frenzy, the Christmas sales and now a number of Boxing Day bargains are launching early. From big name tech brands to homewares and fashion – there’s no shortage of deals to take advantage of during this…

  • Don’t Buy Windows 10 Home

    Don’t Buy Windows 10 Home

    Windows 10 is a great operating system. It’s well suited to the needs of users and has a bunch of great features that make it a truly 21st century-ready OS for the masses. But that suitability really depends on whether you’ve got the Home or Pro version. Here’s why you don’t want Windows 10 Home…

  • Is It OK To Mix Different Types Of RAM?

    Is It OK To Mix Different Types Of RAM?

    Memory standards keep changing and the folks that make it want you to keep upgrading or buying PCs with more memory. For most people running a current operating systems like Windows 10 or macOS sticking with 8GB RAM is adequate. The computer I’m working from at the moment has just 4GB and it works just…