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The KFC you know and love could soon be on the chopping block. The company is implementing sweeping changes to its UK menu with an emphasis on healthier, lighter eating. This includes a 20 per cent reduction in calories per serving and the introduction of vegetarian "chicken". No, really.


I'm trying to decide whether or not I'm surprised by the fact that McDonald's remains Australia's favourite fast food, over the likes of KFC and Subway. I'm going to say "no" — despite moves from smaller franchises and a general push for healthiness, one cannot simply ignore the pervasiveness of the big yellow M.


The recipe for KFC chicken used to be a closely guarded secret. However, a former KFC employee recently leaked the alleged "11 secret herbs and spices" to the world - and after extensive testing, the recipe checks out.

This video shows you how to make bona fide KFC chicken at home. (The good news is, you probably have most of the ingredients in your cupboard already.)


Most leading fast food franchises are available in multiple countries around the world. However, the menu options can vary wildly depending on the tastes, culture and customs of locals. Here are ten extreme takeaway oddities that you can only get overseas - from Burger King's fabled black Kuro Burger to KFC's "Fish Donuts". If you're a fast food fanatic, consider this your bucket list!


Turns out today marks 50 years of KFC in Australia and the company is keen to celebrate. So, in addition to sticking a massive chicken bucket in Sydney's Circular Quay, the company will be handing out free food to all and sundry — but only for a limited time.


We were invited to KFC's flagship store in Mascot NSW to see how the company makes its chicken first-hand. We were shown every step of the process; from how meat is stored and prepared to the various ways KFC keeps its "secret" herbs and spices out of the hands of suppliers. Read on for a full kitchen tour.


Last week, we discovered that KFC was advertising a 24-piece bucket of chicken on its 'Menu For One'. With a combined kilojoule count of 18,853kJ, this is obviously a terrible idea.

KFC has now removed the offending bucket from the menu and blamed the whole thing on a website error. However, that's not the only thing on the menu that needs changing. In short: the nuggs are out of control.


Fast food can be difficult to avoid even for people watching their weight. When you're on the road or it's late at night, it's usually your only option. Other times, you just feel like a one-off treat. All of these scenarios are fine - but you need to be careful not to overdo it. These menu tips will help to fill you up without filling you out.