Takeaway Truth: KFC $5 Hot & Spicy Lunch Box

Takeaway Truth: KFC $5 Hot & Spicy Lunch Box

Takeaway Truth is an occasional Lifehacker feature where we compare marketing images to what you actually get served. Today: KFC’s $5 Hot & Spicy Lunch Box.

With the possible exception of the KFC Double, Hot & Spicy chicken is KFC’s most beloved menu item. It’s currently back for a limited time – and you can get a taster box for just $5.

The excellent-value $5 Hot & Spicy Lunch Box comes with one piece of Hot & Spicy Chicken, a Wicked Wing, regular chips, a regular potato & gravy and a 250ml can of Solo. Here’s the Colonel’s sales pitch:

The best of the best in one box – Hot & Spicy Chicken, a Wicked Wing, perfectly seasoned chips, mash and gravy, and a cool drink. This offer is not everywhere and not forever.

In your meal:

  • 1x 1 Pc Hot & Spicy Chicken
  • 1x 1 Wicked Wing
  • 1x Regular Chips
  • 1x Regular Potato & Gravy
  • 1x 250ml Solo

As the product name implies, the Hot & Spicy Lunch Box isn’t available at dinnertime. However, you can get it until 4pm which isn’t too bad.

Rather cheekily, KFC doesn’t provide nutritional information on its website for this product, but it’s possible to do the maths yourself by adding up the individual items. The $5 Hot & Spicy Lunch Box packs in around 3400kJ. That’s a lot of energy for the asking price, which is either good or bad, depending on your willpower.

So how does the $5 Hot & Spicy Lunch Box compare to the advertised image? Here they are side-by-side:

Takeaway Truth: KFC $5 Hot & Spicy Lunch Box

Okay. First off, we need to talk about that Pepsi. KFC explicitly states that the deal comes with a Solo. I don’t even think KFC sells 250ml Pepsi cans. In any event, when you order this meal you ain’t getting a Pepsi. Is this false advertising?

Otherwise, this doesn’t look too bad. The chips aren’t as numerous and the potato & gravy is clearly taking the piss, but the chicken – which is the obvious star of the dish – stacks up pretty well.

Truth Verdict: 6/10


  • I got this on the weekend instead of chips and a drink with my burrito, as they were right next door in a food court. Was a nice lunch…… (i know, im disgusting, but no regrets)

    The one I went to at least did have the pepsi max mini cans, because i asked for one instead.

    This did appear to only have solo and pepsi max, so they probably have the max cans for people who are on a diet……….

  • That looks awful. Was it even edible?

    Why waste your money on food cooked by people who simply don’t care?
    I know people who work in this industry, and they never eat the food.

    • You have personally visited every single KFC in Australia and interviewed every single one of the employees?

      You must have if you can make such an assertion.

      Ill raise your point with:

      I also know people who work in the fast food industry. They greatly care about their work and also eat the food.

      • Hi troll. Good to have you back.

        And if you believe the people who made the meal in that photo cared, then you have a very different version of what that word means.

        • Ad Agencies make the food in the photos for Advertisments. Not cooks.

          The food is often either not real, Or not even cooked. Just make to look like it is cooked.

          For instance in cereal ads, they dont use milk. They use Craft Glue to look like milk.

          • Actually not true, I own a store that did the food for advertising. The photographers/ videographers would come in store.

            So all the food was real food made in the store, however we would produce multiple of each product to allow them to pick and choose what looked best.

            The main difference between what you get in store to the advertisement is the advertisement version takes 10x the time to build (at least) and has work and filtering etc done to the photos/video.

          • Too be honest i couldnt care less if my food does not look exactly like the advertisment. I get fast food precisely due to its name. Its fast to get. If i wanted presentable food id sit down in a restraunt and eat.

            Im at KFC to eat, Not to admire the foods artistic qualities.

          • Actually very true… I am married to a food stylist who has done plenty of work for big brand fast food outfits and has use everything from fake lettuce to paint lacquer in shoots.

    • It looks a lot better than some of the other Takeway Truths.

      And to suggest an entire industry doesn’t care about their product is obviously incorrect.

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