ALDI Fitness Sale: How Do The Deals Stack Up?

This Saturday, ALDI is having a sale on fitness products as part of its ‘Special Buys’ promotion. Here’s a run-through of what’s on offer and how much money you can save.

We often analyse ALDI’s special buys for technology gear and gadgets. Sometimes, the “deals” aren’t much cheaper than what you can find online, but when it comes to big, heavy items like fitness equipment, you can definitely save money by shopping locally and picking it up yourself.

If you’re planning to get trim or want to upgrade your gym equipment, ALDI’s Special Buys fitness sale is definitely worth checking out. Here are some of the items that caught our eye:

Crane GPS Watch with Heart Rate Measurement ($99.99)

Overview: The Crane GPS Watch with Heart Rate Measurement features an inbuilt compass, four training modes, GPS navigation routes and a calorie consumption reader. It also comes with a chest strap, a USB cable and bicycle handlebar mount. The unit is water resistant up to 30 metres and you can export your run or cycle data as .gpx files. It’s available in green, red, blue or black.

Is it worth it?: We’ve not tested the Crane GPS Watch but it’s hard to argue with the asking price when you look at the above features. The fact that you can use it underwater is a huge bonus — this is a function that even the Jawbone Up fitness band lacks. You can learn more about the Crane GPS Watch with Heart Rate Measurement via this video.


Crane Elliptical Trainer ($249)

Overview: The Crane Elliptical Trainer comes with 32 resistance levels, 21 separate fitness programs, large foot pedals and hand pulse sensors, an outer magnetic braking system and an LCD multi-screen. It can support a maximum user weight of 150kg. The unit weighs 46kg and comes with a three-year warranty.

Is it worth it?: You can buy elliptical trainers online for as little as $100, although quality naturally varies depending on price. Most online retailers will also slug you with a postage fee of around $20, although some do offer free shipping. Online customers reviews of this particular product appear to be mixed.


Crane Medicine Ball ($19.99)

Overview: Medicine balls are chiefly designed to aid in muscle strength development, co-ordination and cardio health. The Crane range is available in 2kg, 4kg and 6kg variants, sport a textured rubber surface and cost $19.99 each.

Is it worth it?: This is a good price for a 6kg medicine ball. Rebel Sports currently charges $89.95 for its own 6kg range. Naturally, you’ll want to test the grip and balance of the Crane Medicine Ball prior to purchasing. On paper at least, it’s a tempting deal.


Crane Magnetic Rowing Machine ($199)

Overview: The Crane Magnetic Rowing Machine comprises a steel frame and an aluminium slide tube with folding mechanism. It comes with an LCD display and eight adjustable levels of resistance. It can support a maximum user weight of 120kg. The unit weighs 34kg and comes with a one-year warranty.

Is it worth it?: We’ve seen the Crane Magnetic Rowing Machine on eBay for around $150 used, although there don’t seem to be any on sale at the moment. Depending on the quality, rowing machines can cost anywhere between $100 and $2000 so the Crane is definitely affordable — whether it’s any good is another matter.


Crane Ladies Fitness Bra ($9.99)

Overview: The Crane Ladies Fitness Bra comes in a choice of black or white. They come with a soft cup and underwire for added support. The sizes available range from 10B to 16D.

Is it worth it?: $10 is a reasonable price for a sports bra, but the chances of finding your size are relatively slim. Plus, cheap sports bras aren’t known for their comfort levels and there are no change rooms at ALDI to check if it fits right. We’d stick to a more traditional clothes store.


Home Balance Trainer ($49.99)

Overview: The Home Balance Trainer consists of a 60cm diameter base platform with an inflatable 1/2 ball made of “anti-burst material”. It includes a pair of rubber pilates exercise straps with comfort grip side handles, an exercise chart and foot pump.

Is it worth it?: Similar products to the Home Balance Trainer usually cost around $100, so this is a pretty good bargain. However, there’s a higher risk associated with any exercise equipment that works the back and shoulders: use at your own risk!


Crane Compression Tops, Shorts or Leggings ($16.99)

Overview: The Crane Compression Tops, Shorts and Leggings are designed to enhance muscle support and stability, increase performance and reduce muscle fatigue during sports and recovery. They come with breathable back neck, underarm and back waist mesh panels plus flat lock seams for comfort. (Ladies Sizes: S – L. Men’s Sizes: S – XL.)

Is it worth it?: It’s important to note that these items are $16.99 each — in other words, a whole outfit will set you back around $50. Plus, there’s also the no change room issue, which means you can’t try ’em on before you buy. That said, you’re in the same boat when shopping online.


Crane Kettle Weights ($14.99)

Overview: Crane Kettle Weights are available in 8kg or 12kg sizes. They are dipped in vinyl and boast an “anti-slip” base.

Is it worth it?: If you’re serious about weight-lifting, 12kg isn’t anywhere near heavy enough, but for people who just want to get a bit of exercise, these weights are pretty good value.

On eBay, these things tend to go for between $30 and $50 each. As always, it’s worth testing the heft and balance of the weights before you commit to buying them.


Shopping Tips:

If any of these deals do interest you, the usual ALDI sale rules apply: get to your local branch as soon as it opens (usually 8:30am) if you want to be sure of getting a specific item. In the meantime, check out the full range of discounted products on ALDI’s Best Buys page.

Got your own take on the usefulness/value of one of the above deals? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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