When Will My Nexus 7 Tablet Order Get Delivered In Australia?

If you ordered the Nexus 7 tablet when it first went on sale, you won't have to wait much longer. According to Google, the first batch of Nexus 7 tablets destined for Australian owners will ship by tomorrow (July 19) at the latest, and should arrive in your eager little hands three to five days after that.

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The Nexus 7 hits retailers later this month, with the 16Gb model on sale at a number of stores. Buying through EB Games lets you avoid the delivery charge; it will be interesting to see if other retailers match that deal.



    I pre ordered the Nexus online with Google about a day or two after it was announced and they shipped it yesterday with Fedex's tracker saying it will arrive on Friday. Cannot wait!

    According to my Fedex tracker, mine arrives tomorrow.

      Yes, mine was meant to arrive tomorrow but for some reason it missed the Fedex cut off time :(

        Actually, just to rub it in- I just checked again and it now says that it's onboard for delivery already (Melbourne) so I should get in in the next few hours :-)

    This is great and all but we payed for 2 day shipping, not 3-5.

    As Google were not able to live up to the $19.99 2 day shipping they are refunding the amount if you ask them to. There are rumours they might look at refunding it for all Pre-oreders.

    The Play store now lists 3-5 day shipping not 2 day shipping any more.

      Where about's did you complain???

        The original invoce had this on it:

        Questions? Contact Google Play or call (02) 9336 4966.

        Phoning that number get's you through to a very overworked department in Google America. Hold time was just over an hour for me.

    Have mine now! Was refreshing the fedex page all the way until it arrived.

    Received the delivery this morning, the FedEx guy said he had been delivering heaps of them.

      Is yours the 8 or 16GB one?

    I contacted Google last week about cancelling the order so I could get it through EBGames. They told me back then that it couldn't be cancelled because it was in shipping. I'm not very impressed without how they handled this.

    I received mine today! Arrived half an hour ago in Sydney, but I live close to Alexandria where the FedEx depot apparently is, so that might have something to do with it.

    What's dodgy is that I ordered mine last Friday, very recently, and I'm getting mine before people who pre ordered early - doesn't seem fair for those guys who waited more patiently!

    Pre-ordered mine (16GB) on the 28th of June and only just got the charge and shipment notification in google wallet. Expected delivery before 5pm 20th July. A bit disappointed others who just purchased it have gotten theirs already yet I have to wait a further 2 days. Sux ballz

    Shipped and on it's way. should be here for the weekend. Google did say mid July!. Happy Days

      16GB models are in short supply from ASUS, They have more than enough 8GB models and are able to shipped that size right away. If you have a cover or extra adapter it only adds to the delay.

      All those people you hear about "Ordered today on it's way" have bought the 8GB model.

        Makes sense, ordered an 8GB last friday night, shipped Monday and arrived today into my hands in Melbourne :)

          Just Got the shipping confirmation from google for a 16GB!! yay!!

    Received mine in Perth today, although check your Fedex status - I addressed it c/o my work and the street address didn't make it to the Fedex docket. I saw this on the site, called up customer service and it was delivered 3 hours later.

    Pre-order my nexus on the 28th and I am still waiting for a shipping notice I am not happy AT ALL !

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