Nexus 7 Coming To Stores, Bears Price Premium

If you're an early adopter, you've probably already got your pre-order in for the Google Nexus 7 tablet aired at Google IO last week, but if you're not, you can be reassured that the device will be coming to select stores around the country, albiet at an inflated price.

It will cost you $319 to walk out of a retail store with a shiny, new 16GB Nexus 7 from late this month — that's an $18 premium on top of the retail price of $299 for the same unit.

Asus told us that the price increase is simply because of the cost required to ship it about:

The RRP of $319 for the 16GB Google Nexus 7 takes into account the costs associated with shipping the device to Australian stores. We believe this is great value and provides Australian consumers with the convenience of being able to purchase the 16GB Google Nexus 7 from their local store.

It's worth pointing out that Google will also charge you a shipping cost if you purchase the device direct from the Play Store, however. According to a few folk we've spoken to (thanks Jen!) it will cost you around the same in total as you'll pay in store.

Asus and Google have gone nuts with its list of retail partners, bringing in everyone to stock the device including Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, Dick Smith, Bing Lee, The Good Guys, Retravision, Radio Rentals, Officeworks, EB Games, Costco, BSR and authorised ASUS resellers.

It's a huge leg up for the cheap tablet to get it onto retail shelves. Despite the $300-plus pricetag, I predict that this device will fly off store shelves and into people's hands like the Kindle Fire did in the US when it was released. Watch out, iPad. You're about to be comparison-shopped and lose.


    Not really a premium then is it...

    Is Google hardly even makes any profit on it, how do the retailers?

    It will cost you $319 to walk out of a retail store with a shiny, new 16GB Nexus 7 from late this month — that’s an $18 premium on top of the retail price of $299 for the same unit.

    Excuse my idiocy - isn't that $20 different not $18? or is the $2 for AUD to USD

    Kogan offering Nexus 7 for $279 in 3... 2... 1...

    Buying from the Play store already adds ~$20 shipping. How is this different?

    This article makes no sense at all. If you buy the 16GB model online in Australia it will also cost you $319 - so it's identical to the store price.
    The only advantage of buying online is you're likely to get it mid-july instead of end of july - but as the preorders fill up this is less likely.

      The other thing worth mentioning is that it is not possible to buy the 8GB model in-store - this is only available online. This is the same as is being offered in the USA and elsewhere.

    These 7" tablets are for women I assume? So it can fit into a purse?

      Guys walking around in public with a 10" tablet are clearly compensating for something...

    IMO $18 isn't really a premium, if the Aussie retailers were selling it for $599 then that would a be a premium.

    Isn't it 199 in the us? Like wtf

      199 is for 8Gb model. 249 for 16 Gb model.... al US prices are always before GST, Australian have GST incluided

        Oh how I love the AUS-USA prices: The device costs $250 pre GST, that makes it $275 including GST, then theres a mysterious $25 "australia penalty" to make RRP of $300, now plus an extra $20 "australia penalty" due to um, err, oh yes, shipping costs, because the first $25 whacked on top wasn't enough.

        Roll on the ACCC enquiry into IT prices in AUS!

    iPad to be comparison shopped and lose? If history has shown us anything, its that android tablets can't do that.

    Will devices bought in store come with the free Google Play $25 credit? A bonus for those that pre-order perhaps?

    What about any higher GB's

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