Getting The Best Aussie Price For Google's Nexus 7 Tablet

While the Nexus 7 started shipping today in the States, Aussies will have to wait until the end of the month before the tablet will be available here. That doesn't mean you can't sort yourself out now with a pre-order and while you're at it, save a bit of cash on the purchase. To that end, which shop should you be hitting up for your Nexus 7? .

Ausdroid has done the hard yards contacting a number of popular retailers, including Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi and Officeworks, to find out when they expect the tablet and at what price point. It turns out EB Games will be the best place to grab the 16GB version of the tablet at $298, if you're prepared to pre-order now and pick it up once it's out.

Where you probably don't want to buy it is Betta Electrical, with one outlet quoting $399 to Ausdroid.

Most places pegged July 27/28 as the release date, though WA's PLE Computers supplied an ETA of the 25th.

Of course, you can buy it now directly through Google Play, with the 8GB model priced at $249 and the 16GB at $299.

Where to buy the Google Nexus 7 In Australia [Ausdroid]


    That is absolute BS! End of the month?! I ordered mine on the 28th and it was quoted 2 to 3 weeks delivery. Typical, the Aussies go to the end of the queue

    Is it still end-of-month for pre-orders, or does that only apply to purchasing retail?

    Just use officeworks' price beat on the lowest price?

    umm. australia was one of 4 pilot markets. SUCK IT UP. the majority of the world wont have this for EVEN longer

    If you are quoted 2-3 weeks then it is a reasonable expectation that it will ship 2-3 weeks from when the pre-order was placed (hence order placed at end of June should mean a mid-july delivery) . If the date is now closer to the end of the month then all it does disappoint and tarnish a person's opinion about Google.

    ill probably just buy off Google. I could save a few $ here or there, but its just easier.

    Waiting for reviews before i make up my mind though.

    I love the reaction of some people about it getting to Australia a week or two later than the USA. Like the device is required for their life support machine. Yeah that would ruin it for me. I'll be sure to can the device based on a delivery time. I ordered mine from EB on preorder with $25 credit on google play and transformers 3 apparently. I for one don't care if it gets here 2, 3 or even 4 weeks late.

    Can anyone clarify what the repairs/warranty policy is if you are purchasing it from Google? Is is the same as purchasing it from a retail store?
    I really don't want to be sending my device to 'Asus' for a month to get it repaired.

      Still one year unlimeted waranty just phone them and they will send you a return satchel to post back. Takes between 2-4weeks for repairs which is standard. 3 year limited waranty ie, the operating system corupts and its not your fault they will fix for free. You also i believe have the option if you pay a security do a swap if it breaks within first 12 months as well.

    No Jason, they're miffed that they were given a shipping timeframe & that if that date has changed that they weren't informed. Nothing to do with the device, all to do with google as a business & how they engage with their customers.

    Just a wee update, I ordered on the 1st phase of pre orders and have been emailed a dispatch confirmation today. it estimates 2 days to arrive in Melbourne. will be very happy if it gets here on Wednesday.

    Not only are we miffed at not being told anything, if you checked the play store over the weekend it showed shipping now but it's back to 1-2 weeks again, they have ignored snails and Google Asia Pacific just goes to voice mail

    -snails + emails

    Why is it $50 more in Australia?

      One factor is that US prices are quoted before tax. Its still a bit more though.

      shipping and if you look at there website on the size of the download its quite alot meatier then the us version so im guesing they had to modify it to work in australia or something has been added which would of increased the cost to them.

    Just got shipping confirmation on a 16G

    Bloody rip offs, waited months for this to arrive then they want to steal money from us. Have a look at the price in India and convert it to Aust dollars. Am changing my email to and using duckduckgo for searches.

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