How To Skip The Delivery Charge On The Nexus 7

If you buy the Nexus 7 Android tablet through Google, you'll pay a delivery charge. If you buy it from a retailer, you'll pay a price that's equivalent to what Google charges with the delivery charge. But if you order it through EB Games and select in-store pickup, you can save the shipping charge, bringing the cost down to under $300 for the 16GB model.

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Google remains the only official source for the 8GB model right now (despite Kogan sniffing around), so you can't score shipping savings on the cheaper version. But if you're near an EB Games store, fancy this Jelly Bean tablet and don't mind waiting for an estimate July 27 despatch date, this is a definite saving. You have to prepay $50 up front, with the balance paid when you collect.

EB Games [via OzBargain]


    Until this tablet is sniped by Apple for looking like a product they have may or may not have released yet.

      So True, I'm sure the Apple patent trolls are busy trying to stop this device already, people will be confused and think because it is so well styled it must be an apple product and they must do all that is possible to stop this confusion (and competition)

    I can see EB doing pretty well with these as cheap portable gaming machines. Can't help but feel bad for Nintendo and Sony as I'm sure that this on top of cheap smartphone games must be hurting.

    I have the galaxy tab 7" and it is a great size. Slips into a jacket pocket easily and is pretty good for websites and some games. This is very tempting and I think they will sell heaps.

      Agreed. I have a iPad which is great for most things, but I still go to my toshiba 7" for reading and when I'm going somewhere with a backpack. If I took public transport id go for the 7 as well.

    Definitely don't need it but definitely the closest a tablet has come to make to want to buy one. If you can live without 3G (my phone can create WiFi hotspot), extra storage and a full camera (your phone will always get better captures) then Nexus 7 looks a superb device

    EB also have a $25 Play Store voucher, I believe.

    Looks like EB's price has gone up to match the Google online + shipping price ($318). Apparently only the pre order was at the special price.

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