Nexus Android Jelly Bean Tablet From $249 In Australia, Ships Mid-July

The most welcome news from today’s Google I/O keynote? Australia is one of the first four countries in the world where you can buy the 7-inch Nexus tablet, manufactured by Asus and running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). The 8GB model is $249, while the 16GB model is $299, and you can order it direct from Google Play.

The release date is set at mid-July, and there’ll be an unspecified additional shipping charge. You also get $25 of Google Play credit (and a free copy of Transformers: Dark Of The Moon).

We knew earlier in the week that the Nexus was coming, but this is the first time a Nexus-branded device has hit Australia at the same time as the US. I can’t wait to play with one. (The device also initially releases in the US, UK and Canada.)

Nexus [Google Play]


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