Nexus Android Jelly Bean Tablet From $249 In Australia, Ships Mid-July

Nexus Android Jelly Bean Tablet From $249 In Australia, Ships Mid-July

The most welcome news from today’s Google I/O keynote? Australia is one of the first four countries in the world where you can buy the 7-inch Nexus tablet, manufactured by Asus and running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). The 8GB model is $249, while the 16GB model is $299, and you can order it direct from Google Play.

The release date is set at mid-July, and there’ll be an unspecified additional shipping charge. You also get $25 of Google Play credit (and a free copy of Transformers: Dark Of The Moon).

We knew earlier in the week that the Nexus was coming, but this is the first time a Nexus-branded device has hit Australia at the same time as the US. I can’t wait to play with one. (The device also initially releases in the US, UK and Canada.)

Nexus [Google Play]


  • Already pre-ordered mine! $20 2 day shipping to Perth, so not so bad. Pity the case isn’t available for pre-order with the device. Hopefully they’ll allow adding it to Nexus 7 pre-orders when it is. This next couple of weeks is going to drag so badly knowing this is on it’s way…

  • Kogan’s site is going to crumple under the weight of people rushing to cancel their ICS tablet, that all of a sudden sounds underpowered, overpriced, and out of date!

  • Can someone put into simple terms what the appeal is with this tablet?
    The 16GB model costs $320 delivered, which is roughly how much a Sony Tablet S costs nowadays at specials. The Nexus doesn’t have rear camera, IR remote functions or SD card slot..
    Is it just the processor speed that is making people drool?

    • Honestly. None of those features are things I care about.

      The only time I’ve used the rear camera on my iPad is to take a photo of my phone. And you can argue that I’ve been in the iOS world for too long bit I’ve yet to feel the need for expandable storage.

      Personally, I’m on the lookout for a really good universal remote rather than a tablet that functions as one. I don’t won’t to pick up something large, open an app, the awkwardly point it at the tv.

      These might be features that you think are awesome, I disagree.

      • You didn’t really answer my question, merely stated that you don’t care about the extras.
        What makes the Nexus 7 preferable to you?
        I don’t own any tablet at the moment and am trying to get the most bang for the buck. The bang does not necessarily need to be in the CPU/GPU department as I don’t intend to do ray tracing or scientific modelling on a tablet.

        • Honestly, every time I grab a new upgrade of an android or an iOS device the speed bump is always welcome.

          And not wanting a feature gives it no value. So the question really is then, what do you want to use it for?

          Do you want to use it as a remote.
          Do you want to carry it with you out and about and not worry about size limitations for media (my tablet for reference has left the house once and I only watch YouTube videos on it) and as I said before, I don’t feel the camera adds any real value.

          So none of those things bang my buck. If you see yourself using them, the Sony product is better. But I don’t see myself using them, as such, I feel the nexus has better value.

        • -It’s a low price. There aren’t many big-name tablets at the $250 mark
          -It’s current hardware. You can buy a tablet from early 2011 for that much (I just did, in fact), but that’s a long time in the tablet world.
          -It’s a google reference model. This means no third-party software loaded by samsung/motorola/etc that you never use but cant delete. It also means you’ll get updates to the new software when it comes out.
          -It’s got a slim bezel on the longer edges, which makes it much easier to fit in your pocket. It’s minor, but is my big decider between 7″ tablets.

  • I think the overall longevity of the device is the appeal. This will be updated by Google with no OEM interaction. Google won’t want to make this thing obsolete any time soon.

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