Nexus 10 Back On Sale In Australia, Get In Quick

You know the drill: Nexus devices are rarely in stock for long. If you want the 10-inch Nexus tablet for $469 direct from Google, get in now. Thanks LoneWolf! [Google Play]


    Old news. It's been in stock quite a few weeks. For some reason either due to more stock or less demand, the tablets don't sell out as quick as the phones. For whatever reason I believe this is the first time the Nexus 10 has been in stock on the Australian Play store since it was released last year. In any case all Nexus devices are in stock as they should be.

    What I have a problem with is the accessories. Wish they would be available to Australian buyers like the official Nexus 4 bumper and wireless charger. Also why is the Nexus 7 dock $50 for Australians but $30 for everyone else? Our currency is amongst the highest in the world. Google really need an ACCC rocket up their backside I believe.

      Why? They've not being anti competitive. As a company they can set their prices at whatever they like for their products.

      ahh, no. They became available on the 5th. I tried to notify LH at the time but the contact page didn't render properly in IE8
      and as @drew said, companies are allowed to price products however they want. consumers are allowed to not purchase goods which are too expensive.

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