Kogan Hoping To Sell The Nexus 7 Tablet

You can buy the Nexus 7 direct from Google right now for mid-July delivery and a stack of local retailers will be selling the 16GB model from July 19. If you're not in a hurry, you may also be able to score it from Kogan at some point in the future.

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While it made its name with Kogan-branded products such its own recent Agora tablet, an increasing chunk of Kogan's business has been in reselling big name brands at discounted prices. As such, the Nexus 7 is a tempting target. We asked Kogan if it was attempting to procure supplies of the Nexus 7, and were told: "Kogan will ensure all technology that is in demand will be available to Australian customers at the world's best price."

The obvious challenge for Kogan will be to source the Nexus 7 for a lower price than Google is selling the device for itself. That seems a tall order, but it is a trick that Kogan (and other grey importers) have managed with the iPad. One minor advantage for Kogan: Google isn't selling the device with free shipping, so adding a shipping charge won't reduce its competitiveness.

If Kogan can find a source (most likely in Asia) for the Nexus 7, it seems likely other importers such as Expansys and Mobicity will also jump on the bandwagon. Would you like to see the Nexus 7 get cheaper (a virtual inevitability in the long term) or do you think the price is reasonable? Share your thoughts in the comments.


    Add a 3G Radio and keep it at around the $200 price point would do me just fine.

    The US$199 price in the US for the base model is awesome. The AUS$250 price for one in Aus is still oretty good, but not great. Add AUD$20 shipping to that though and it's starting to look merely 'good'. AUD$319 delivered for the 16gb model isn't too flash at all. (note: pun regarding lack of a certain adobe product in newer android devices going forward was intentional)

    I couldn't agree more Stingy Bugger. $200 is almost impulse buy in technology terms, $270 or more starts to look like an investment worth putting more thought into. A subjective threshold maybe, but it's how I feel about it. If Kogan can sell it for $220 incl shipping then it becomes a much easier pill to swallow.

    hmmm... buy direct from Google, or dodgy climate denier who sells cheap junk? hmmmmm....

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    You can get cheap chinese tablet for that money. And hope that it does not break.

    Just match what the USA is getting it for and we will be good to go!!

    For what you get with the Nexus 7 represents amazing value. Pre-order and get $25 Google Play voucher, Dark Side of the Moon and a few books. I mean seriously what you want it for FREE! As for the matching the US price there is no way we can expect Google to do that. Google charges more because the good old Australian government charges Google a customs tax on each unit (can be between 5-15%). They then charge Google 10% GST. This is on top of the customs tax. So the governmentacky or taxes and takes up to 20-25%.. So if the US price is $200 and we pay $240-250 Google are just making sure they absorb the government imposed taxes. Pretty decent price after all I reckon!!!

      Isnt the customs tax for things over $1000? Couldnt google do the awesome thing and mark them all under gift, like on ebay? LOL, Its pretty much a gift. Thanks google

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