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We all know it's a bad idea to use electronic screens directly before bed. (Despite this, most of us do it anyway -- those Netflix shows aren't going to watch themselves, right?) The artificial light emitted by laptops, tablets and smartphones has been linked to disrupted sleep alongside a variety of more serious ailments. But is it actually dangerous? The evidence in this infographic makes for some scary reading...


Fresh details have emerged about Samsung's foldable smartphone concept - a product tentatively dubbed the Samsung Galaxy X. According to Samsung's DJ Koh, the X won't fold into a smaller form factor to enhance portability. Instead, it will go in the opposite direction, unfurling from a large phone into a full-fledged tablet. Here are the details.


Microsoft has announced a number of new products, including the Surface Laptop 2, Surface Pro 6, Surface Studio 2 and the all new Surface Headphones. This means that, barring the Surface Book, Microsoft’s entire line of Surface devices has been refreshed. In the case of the Surface Pro 6 and the Surface Laptop 2, a slick new colour option has also been added to the mix in the form of matte black.


With the announcement of Microsoft's new Surface Go, there will be more than a few nervous folks at the Apple and Samsung head offices. The Surface Go promises to deliver a lot in a compact and inexpensive package that could single-handedly put a massive dent in not just those tablet makers' bottom line but also the entire Chromebook market. Here's a look at how the Microsoft Surface Go compares to its major competitors.

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Is it going to be called Pumpkin Pie or Peppermint Patty? Or how about Popsicle? Well, whatever Google ends up deciding on, if history is any indication, we're not going to know for sure until spring. So to hold us over, why don't we take a look at all the new updates and features Google showed off for Android at I/O 2018?


The typical tablet or convertible computer tops out at around 13-inches. But HP's gargantuan ZBook X2, that I've been testing for a couple of weeks, comes with a 14-inch display. Here's what I've learned.


While the last major update to iOS redesigned and overhauled the iPhone experience, iOS 11 also packs in a lot of iPad-specific features that turn the tablet from an oversized phone to more of a laptop replacement. Alongside tweaks to many Apple Apps like Notes, Music and Camera, here are 10 changes you can expect to see after you've downloaded the update.

Here are ten iOS changes and improvements that make upgrading worthwhile.


Earlier today, Apple announced its Q3 financial results which were even better than expected, sending its stock price surging to an all-time high. Part of the success was down to an unlikely product: the humble iPad.

In defiance of doom-and-gloom predictions, the original, "magic" tablet has managed to sell 14 per cent more units globally than it did last year. Could we be on the cusp of a tablet resurgence?


The iPad has a problem that we should all wish to have: It's too damn good. The battery life and standby battery life are superb, the screen is pretty, the apps are nice, and the thing is powerful enough it can last for years. That's wonderful for all of us consumers, but it is not great for Apple or any other company building a tablet device. They want us on the same yearly upgrade cycle we have for our phones. A concept, as IDC noted in February when it reported a big slump in tablet sales, consumers have largely rejected. Which is why every year Apple tries to build some cool new feature into the iPad to lure us away from our old, perfectly good iPads. Unless you're an illustrator, this year's iPad, won't be doing any wooing.


The Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 is the second computer I'm looking at in my quest to find a new portable computer. This road test involved a few days at home and a road trip to Las Vegas. On paper, the XPS looked to be a great option. Although the price is over my budget, I was prepared to consider it as it offered a lot of benefits over my minimum spec.