Taxi Pro Books Taxis Via Your Smartphone

iOS/Android: There are a lot of apps aiming to make taxi-booking easier via mobile phone: here at Lifehacker we've already covered GoCatch, MyTaxi and Taxi (plus Get Picked Up for hire cars and various individual cab company apps). Taxi Pro is another competitor in the market, with both iOS and Android apps available.

Right now, Taxi Pro is only operational in Sydney and Adelaide, though support for Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane is said to be forthcoming in the first half of this year. The category is likely to remain both competitive and controversial going forward, since the taxi industry is somewhat resistant to changing its established systems.

Taxi Pro


    I find taxi apps to be pretty useless. In all the bookings I have made (read attempted) using these apps, only one taxi has ever shown up. 9/10 times is says "passenger picked up", even though I'm standing in the rain holding my phone looking (and feeling) like a moron.

    agreed. all these apps are just another front end of a broken monopolised backend. ever tried to prebook a cab? the job is only released for pickup about 20-40mins before you need to be picked. so even if u prebook days before hand, doesnt mean anything.

    I just use the Yellow Cabs app, never had a problem with it, even while in West End on a Saturday night needing a Maxi Taxi, booked it, and got a message within 2 minutes to say our cab was approaching and there it was, would say that is more reliable than a 3rd party app

    What I really want is an app that helps me share a cab. Find where pickup and dropoff points intersect, calculate the fair share fo each passenger, then matchmake. If that sounds like work - Tell me who is leaving for the airport at the same time as me.

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