Get Picked Up Is An App To Book Hire Cars

We've seen a couple of different smartphone apps aimed at making it easier to book taxis. If you'd prefer to use hire cars — where you book in advance and agree a fare prior to travelling — Get Picked Up offers a booking service through its web site or via mobile phone apps.

Once you submit a booking, it is broadcast to any hire car drivers who have registered with the service. Drivers then submit quotes and estimated arrival times, and you can pick the one you want. Once you've done that, the actual driver rings you to confirm the arrangement.

As with the similarly-themed taxi apps, the usefulness of this service will depend on how many drivers are registered in the area where you need to travel. Get Picked Up is a free service, requires registration. There are Android and iOS apps currently available, and a BlackBerry app is in the works.

Get Picked Up


    Like the idea, and love competition, but am a tiny bit nervous about entrusting my personal safety to the lowest bid contractor :) It doesn't seem like there is any in-app way to rate/review individual drivers

      Hi LG,

      You can choose to travel with whatever driver you prefer. The drivers have different cars, some European, and others Holden Caprice so there will be differences in price. These details are provided along with their quotes and also their feedback rating for you to make your decision.

      All drivers have provided their Ministry of transport documents to obtain a login as well.

      The difference between Hire Car drivers and taxis is that Hire Car drivers offer a much higher level of service as they rely on repeat customers for their business to grow. Hire Cars are unable to simply go to the next taxi rank to pick up another fare, so we can guarantee you that your safety and enjoyment is paramount!

      Also, at the end of the trip you can rate your driver 1-5 stars.

      Hope you will try us out soon!

        I would personally take a hire car over a taxi for any planned journey eg. home to airport. Cheaper and cleaner every time

    I recommend Taxi Select App (

    Limousine services / hire cars are often much cheaper than taxis too. Just less convenient sometimes, unless you're a regular with predictable needs.
    I hope this app can address the convenience issue.
    It's a shame about anti-touting laws. I understand why they exist, but being able to agree on a set price (in Melbourne you can only do this in a hire car, not a taxi) is my preference.

    If you're a regular taxi user and don't want to try hire cars, get the mobile number of a few of your favourite drivers. They love having repeat customers, and you'll appreciate having a driver you know.

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