goCatch Lets You Book A Nearby Taxi

Many taxi companies offer apps to book taxis, but the results often aren't any different to what would happen if you used the phone. goCatch identifies nearby taxis via GPS and displays them on a map.

To work its magic, goCatch relies on taxi drivers also running the app. Using the app, you can contact them directly to book a pick-up or put out a general call for the nearest available driver to come and grab you.

Obviously, the usefulness of goCatch will depend on how many drivers are actually running it in an area when you need a taxi. Since it's a free download, though, you haven't got much to lose by trying it — if there's no taxis in sight on the app, you can always ring and book one in the usual way, and at least you'll have avoided the nuisance of ringing to book a taxi and then seeing one turn around the corner 30 seconds later.

goCatch is a free download for iOS devices.

goCatch [iTunes App Store]


    It seems like a logical extension of the apps some taxi companies have now, where its show you the gps location of the taxi assigned to pick you up.

    It's especially useful when the taxi stops, picks up other customers, and drives off. No more waiting around for 20 minutes before calling back and getting a confused operator.

    This seems like an average version of the brilliant company in the USA called Uber. (http://www.uber.com). They are doing similar but with town cars/hire cars.

    Even better they keep your CC details on file so you don't need to pay anything while in the car.

    Angus - surely you should check this out when next in SF, NYC or Seattle.

      Thanks for the tip, but I'd need a BlackBerry version. Also I tend to stick to public transport in SF/NYC :)

    The original of this service model is MyTaxi (www.mytaxi.net) which is available in 12 cities in Germany, in Vienna (Austria), Rollout is planed shortly in Switzerland, Spain and London according to their website. MyTaxi is operated by a francise partner in Australia (mytaxicab.com.au) already. MyTaxi is available for iOS, Android and a WebApp also working on Blackberries. Uber is focusing on the limousines not cabs.

    Hi guys,

    We are launching Get Picked Up for smartphones (a hire car/limousine service) in late October. It will be similar to uber in that it works with hire cars and not taxis, but different in that it works by sending out your request to available drivers in the area, and they submit fixed price quotaions back to you. You can then make your selection of driver based on price, eta, feedback rating, vehicle they drive or payment methods they accept. Because we don't process the payment side of things it means customers will be able to use payment methods like cabcharge and not just credit card. Also - it will be launching on Iphone, Android and Blackberry phones. Feel free to pre register at getpickedup.com.au or follow us on facebook!

    The only legal app in Australia that has this functionality is NearestTaxis. They're launching their app this week. It is the only application that requires driver validation. It also adhears to all the laws around dispatching, and validates the drivers on a monthly basis.

    No other app to my knowledge has approval from any of the Taxi regulatory body. You may want to be careful if you chose to use one of the ilegal applications.

      It's something of a stretch to suggest that the other apps are "illegal" -- not saying validation isn't useful, but there's no law against drivers using multiple ways to source clients AFAIK.

        This is a good question. If the official regulator has not approved the app then is it ilegal? I do not know the answer to this.

        What is the job of the regulator?
        - Make Taxis safe
        - Keep the industry honest
        - other standards etc.

        If the regulator does not approve of the app then at some point when something goes wrong, then I am pretty sure heads will role. If the regulator has not approved it then it will not be the regulator's head rolling. It will be someone else getting slapped with law suites and fines.

        So while nothing has gone wrong everything is all good. Just hope that wrong thing does not happen to you.

        I guess this is why the nearesttaxis crowd is working with the regulators. It just makes good sense.

        I hope the rest start doing the same.

    Hi Taxidriver,

    Our booking system and apps are completely legal. We adhere to all the laws set out by state legislation(in all states). Furthermore, hire car drivers can only gain a login on our system by providing us with a copy of their licences and insurances. We also keep full records of all journeys made!

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