myTaxi Tracks Taxis On Your Smartphone

myTaxi Tracks Taxis On Your Smartphone

iOS/Android: Making the booking of taxis less of a hassle is an obvious smartphone application. We’ve already seen goCatch enter this space, and myTaxi offers a similar set of features.

As well as letting you see and book myTaxi-registered taxis in your vicinity, you can also get an estimate of the fare to your destination and rate individual drivers. Unlike goCatch, the app is available on Android and iOS platforms. Right now, the European developers are concentrating their Australian driver registration efforts in Sydney, so you’ll have a better chance of tracking taxis in that city.

myTaxi is a free download for iOS and Android devices. If you try it for taxi booking, tell us your thoughts in the comments.



  • Main issue with taxis is that taxi booking does not guarantee you anything. Taxi driver has no contractual obligation to accept booking. Cab company accepts your order and passes it to drivers, but they can decide not to accept it if they consider your booking is not convenient/profitable and they are likely to get better customer on the street.

  • Anything has to be better than goCatch my battery drained 5% in less than 5 minutes of use. That and I was able to register as a driver and get actual jobs even though I was not a cab driver. I’ll stick to actually hailing a cab from the street.

  • Regular taxi users with predictable schedules are well advised to get the mobile numbers of a couple of their favourite drivers.

    Friendlier, more convenient, and safer too.

  • @TheDawg – Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. The battery consumption of goCatch is comparable with Google Latitude or any other location based application. Also, you can manage location based services in your iPhone’s settings. Drivers are also able to plug their phone into their car charger.

    Regarding your comment about registering as a driver, currently when you catch a taxi on the street you don’t actually know that the driver is registered until you get in the taxi. Even then you may still not be 100% sure. With goCatch we reduce the possibility of anonymity as there is a data record of the passenger’s phone and the driver’s phone.

    Anyone pretending to be a taxi would be crazy to use goCatch, because they would be breaking the law and at the same time broadcasting their location out to everyone including the police.


    • Not exactly true, as taxi companies do not employ drivers without a taxi authority, worst case scenario their authority is expired.

      The thing with goCatch is, it makes it easy for ANYONE to pretend they are a taxi driver without having to go through the trouble of getting a real taxi and everything that goes with it.
      Passengers can’t see if it is a real taxi until it pulls up, at that point this fake driver already has your personal details.

      It’s a shame you are trying to cover up this obvious flaw in your system instead of just fixing it.

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