Taxi Books A Taxi From Your iPhone

Want to book a taxi and don't fancy waiting in a telephone queue? iPhone application Taxi automates the process.

Many taxi operators now offer online booking and automated phone systems that recognise your number, but if you're already toting an iPhone and catch taxis a lot, then having an app could be helpful. Currently it only covers Sydney, but the developer hopes to expand this to Australia-wide coverage by the end of the year.

Taxi is a free app for iPhone users. If you give it a whirl, park an account of your experiences in the comments.



    I went looking on the app's web page to see whether it works with just one taxi company, or if it makes you choose the company from a list, or if it sends the booking to several companies on a first-come-first-served basis, which would be ideal. However, I couldn't see an answer. What's the story?

      It says save your favourite taxi company's numbers once & launch the app next time you want to book one...

    I can't work it out either. When I go to the URL from my iPhone (on Wi-Fi only), there's a the yellow & black taxi logo and then just a button that says Get Taxi Now!

    Pressing the button does nothing.

    (Well, not that I can see, but hopefully 50 taxis don't turn up on my door in the next 15 minutes!)

    The name of the app is actually:

    "Taxi (Taxi Booking in Sydney)"

    It took me some time to filter through the list of taxi search results so the actual name may help filter.

    The FREE app is "Taxi (Taxi Booking in Sydney)"
    The PAID app is "Taxi"
    BOTH have the same black and yellow taxi logo

    I'm in Melbourne and just use the 13CABS iPhone app, it's excellent.

    I use the app - it books a Taxi through TaxisCombined - and so it works perfectly in Sydney - not in other states (yet).

    So you can't choose which company - this one just books to TaxisCombined

    Developer here.

    It books through Taxis Combined. I will include that on the Website.

    My app is the free one.

    As for the iPhone issue, I have now linked up the iPhone version. It works as intended and takes you to the app store.

      So, given this is a free app, I'll take a punt that the Taxis Combined was your client? If that's the case, I'm most glad indeed that the website now says that all bookings are through Taxis Combined. You know, transparency, love and mung beans.

      If I had an iPhone, I'd grab this app for sure, if only because the Taxis Combined website never, ever, ever, remembers my contact details, despite me clicking the Remember Me box every time.

      But if someone else (other than CabCharge) then created an app allowing operators to bid for my fare, that would win, hands down.

        Taxis Combined were/are not my client. I am completely independent of them.

        It is free because I would rather not make money and have people enjoy my work, than not have anyone use the app.

        Hi Steve,

        We are releasing a hire car (or limousine) app early November allowing you to enter your journey details, and drivers around the are will quote on them. Displayed with their quote is the type of car they drive, their feedback rating, and also payment methods they accept. You can pre register on our website and we will keep you posted when we launch. The app is free to customers!


    Wow. Well kudos to you. Well done.

    I've used this app, and it's pretty good, but prefer TaxiPronto which loates the phone via GPS so you never need to enter the address. On the downside, TaxiPronto did cost $2.50, but I guess you get what you pay for.

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