GoCatch Taxi Booking App Adds PayPal

Aside from being subject to bad talkback radio, one of the biggest nuisances of catching a taxi is the fiddly payment process. Previously-featured taxi booking app goCatch has added the ability to pay drivers via PayPal, potentially simplifying that hassle and scoring you a cheaper fare.

As we reminded readers recently, if you use a credit card to pay via CabCharge, you'll get slugged with a 10 per cent service fee. goCatch charges a slightly less onerous 5 per cent, which might make it worth using the app to book a taxi even if there are plenty circling the streets where you are. (You'll need to notify the driver you'll be paying with goCatch when you start the journey.)

The taxi app space remains competitive, with goCatch jostling with myTaxi and Taxi Pro, as well as apps from individual taxi companies. The PayPal feature is only available in the iOS version right now, but goCatch says it will update the Android and Windows Phone versions to include it in the future, along with an option to pay via credit card without using PayPal.

goCatch [iTunes App Store]


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