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I love the concept of ride sharing services like Lyft or Uber, and I use them all the time when I travel or feel the urge to paint the town red. But it's not just because they're convenient; I like to talk to the drivers! And I wouldn't trade all the stories, advice and near head-on collisions for anything.


There is a strong chance that the ridesharing service Uber will be forced to charge higher fares in Australia following a Federal Court ruling that it must pay GST. Moving forward, Uber drivers will be charged GST like other taxi services, a cost that is almost certain to be passed on to the customer.


On Friday October 30, Australia's first legal, regulated Uber launched in the ACT. As yet, it is the only Australian territory to have legalised -- and regulated -- the controversial ridesharing service, yet UberX continues to operate in other states across Australia. With recent talk of federal politicians potentially being allowed to use Uber for business, it seems like Uber is here to stay.


Uber's low-cost car hiring service UberX is one of cheapest ways to get around the country's major CBDs -- but how much do you actually save compared to a regular taxi? Personal finances tracker Pocketbook has released a new, in-depth study that provides some interesting answers. According to its figures, the average spend per Uber journey has dropped significantly since 2014 and continues to fall over time. Taxi fares, meanwhile, remain unchanged. No wonder they want to ban the service.


We've all been there before: it's a cold and windy night, so you decide to order a taxi even though you only live a few kilometres up the road. An hour later, you're still waiting. The taxi app GoCatch is attempting to eliminate this short fare reluctance via a "frequent flyer" style points system. But will it be enough to make taxi drivers change their ways?


Aside from being subject to bad talkback radio, one of the biggest nuisances of catching a taxi is the fiddly payment process. Previously-featured taxi booking app goCatch has added the ability to pay drivers via PayPal, potentially simplifying that hassle and scoring you a cheaper fare.