The Huawei Ideos Is The Cheapest Android Phone Out There Right Now

The Huawei Ideos Is The Cheapest Android Phone Out There Right Now

We rounded up Android phones on contract yesterday, but despite that focus I ran into a few good outright prepaid buys in the research process. The phone that kept popping up as the cheapest option was the Huawei Ideos.

Virgin Mobile has the Ideos for $129, which I thought was pretty impressive, but Crazy John’s has an even better deal, selling it for $99. It’s not a very hi-res screen or grunty processor, but it is running Android 2.2, and at either price it’s a bargain entry into the world of Android.

Crazy Johns [via OzBargain]

Virgin Mobile


  • I bought a IDEOS when they were $159 Crazy Johns special from Australia Post including a 4GB microSD, which I have had no problems with.

    I recommend the phone to a friend as his girlfriend broke her phone and knowing she uses facebook etc via mobile. Well to keep the story short, the phones charging circuit had died a month after buying the phone and they have had nothing but the run around from repair to point sale and vis a versa to get it repaired, replaced under warranty, or money refund on the device. And this phone was bought from a Crazy Johns store.

    The last I have heard about it is that they are now taking it to Business and Consumer Affairs.

    • We have 5 of them as our works mobile “fleet”, as Android’s calendar cloud and contact syncing is invaluable. We also bought as the $149 Crazy Johns kit, as the kits that came with the 4GB SD card and multiple covers also happened to be unlocked (thanks for the subsidy, CJ!)

      They have performed incredibly well in a tradesman environment, with only 1 suffering any damage. It, like most of the others, had been dropped repeatedly but a dive onto concrete landed the wrong way and caused the screen to stop responding. The physical buttons still worked, the screen “worked” in so much that it displayed, but it wouldnt register any input. Since the physical buttons still worked it was actually usable… until the screen locked and you couldnt swipe it unlocked again.

      Long story short, the guy took the phone back to Crazy Johns with a photocopied receipt from Aus Post, they sent it away and it returned within a week repaired under warranty.

      To say we were impressed is an understatement. Our experience was the polar opposite to your friends…. I will, and have already, recommended the IDEOS to plenty of other people and the ones who have bought one have no troubles either.

      I can only wonder at what your friend is doing wrong to be given the run around, considering how fantastically we were treated.

      • I’m certainly getting the run around at the moment from CJs repair. It’s gone back 4 times and they’ve had it over 2 months now in total. I therefore asked for the phone to be returned as is and a week later, they can’t even do that!

  • Can recommend this phone, its not the greatest, but its not the worse out there, haven’t had any issues on it, and I bought it from BigW outright, $199, crazy john’s had them sim locked at the time which was a bummer.

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