Dealhacker: Huawei X1 Android At ALDI For $60

The Huawei Ideos X1 was a sub-$100 proposition even when it launched, but ALDI's $59.95 deal (on sale from Wednesday morning) is still the cheapest price we've seen (Optus itself now sells it for $71.10).

The handset is network-locked to Optus and only Android 2.2, but a good basic performer as a prepaid model if the network choice works for you. ALDI ran the same deal back in November on Optus subsidiary Virgin Mobile, so it may well appear again in the future.



    Can Optus-locked phones be used with SIMs from companies that use the Optus network, such as Virgin?

      Nope. Advantage of Android though is that they are easy to root and therefore unlock.

      Optus is also very accomodating for those who wish to unlock their phones legally, contacting their support is a good idea.

    I'm led to believe that the will (I'm using Woolies in Optus locked), however Virgin locked phones only take Virgin SIMs.

    Yeah, I've got an Optus locked Incredible S, and my Amaysim sim works with no problems whatsoever... except for the lousy bloatware.

    Sven, I think you're right re: Virgin locked phones though... Virgin SIM will work in Optus locked phone, but not the other way around...

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