Optus Joins The Sub-$100 Android Phone Crowd With Ideos X1

We've already seen dirt cheap Android phones from Crazy John's and Telstra. Now Optus is joining the party, scoring an exclusive on the new Huawei Ideos X1, which goes on sale from July 1 for $99 outright.

Like other phones in this sector, the X1 has fairly basic specs. It runs Android 2.2 and offers a 2.8 inch capacitive touch screen, 3.2MP camera and 256MB of internal memory. However, as an entry-level choice it definitely beats a no-spec dumbphone. Optus has the local exclusive, so you can presume there'll be a network lock in place.


    Too bad these phones have a very high SAR rating.

    I've seen these phones in action and they are not bad for the usual stuff. They fall short in their ability to process though, and try putting them up to a heavy game and they don't do a good job at playing them. Depends on what you need it for, just as a phone with great features, it's all good :)

    The SAR rating is hardly a useful means of judging a phone. Different models of the same series will have different SAR ratings, the rating would change depending on which band the phone happens to be using, the rating will also be affected by distance to the cell phone tower and signal strength.

    In saying that, the Huawei phones have very low SAR ratings compared to other smartphones from what I've seen when I looked this up.

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