Ideos X5 Is A Capable Android Phone For $349 Outright

Earlier this week, we highlighted the basic Huawei Ideos as an Android phone that was priced under $100, and Telstra has also joined the budget Android market this week. If you want a little more grunt in your device but don't want to pay $500+ for a premium Android device, the newly-released Ideos X5 might be a good middle ground.

The X5 sports a 3.8-inch screen and a 5MP camera and runs Froyo; the most obvious restriction, as Nick over at Gizmodo points out, is that it doesn't support Next G's frequency range. It's for sale through Crazy John's and Dick Smith.


    Give Huawei only 2.5 years they will be the top of the heap with Samsung and HTC, already hey provide much more bang for buck than any competition in the android league thus far.

    Had the X5 over a week now. Very happy with it. CJ is selling it $299 - which is a good deal.

    Bought this phone from where I work (Dick Smith) for $330 thanks to discount. It is, in a word, fantastic. The only down-side being that the quality of the camera is very low, but I have a dedicated snapper for that anyways.
    Phone is surprisingly snappy and fast, has all that multi-touch goodness and has a good quality screen to boot. Also, I'm happy with the complete lack of line-noise from the headphone jack, which I had to suffer through on my old Nokia.

      hi nathan why you said: "The only down-side being that the quality of the camera is very low"; the camera is 5mp and does video 720p so i hope in a good camera but your comment says this isn't true.
      Can you says other phone(more famous) that have a camera like that so i can have an idea of the quality (sorry to all for my bad english)

        Great phone, except for the battery and camera, sure its 5mp and does 720p but at a low fps, and camera results are not good, I picked one up first day CJ were selling them @$350 (sat 26th feb i think). Btw does anyone know when Gingerbread Android 2.3 will be available to update it?

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