ACCC Taking TPG To Court Over Unlimited Plans

The ACCC doesn't take kindly to ISPs offering "unlimited" deals and not explaining the details. The regulator has already won one battle with Optus over that kind of behaviour, and now it has launched a similar investigation against TPG.

The ACCC has objected to advertisements from TPG which claim unlimited ADSL2+ broadband is available for $29.99, since that price only applies when you also rent a phone line from TPG. As well, there are additional setup charges not included in advertising. We noted this plan (at the full price) at launch and it's still a relatively competitive deal, but the case highlights the importance of checking all details before you sign up.



    I never understood why TPG chose to advertise the $29.99 price point when unlimited ADSL2+ for under $60 a month is still one of the best deals going around.

      Agreed. Marketing probably got a bit excited - would have been better to just say $59.99 for Unlimited ADSL2+ AND line rental.

    All the advert's for this product that I've seen (usually on the rear end of a STA bus in Sydney) clear state, although in smaller writing, that you have to have the home phone bundle as well, which is an extra $30 or something close. A friend switched over the other day, the switch over process is very slow but he knew before signing that it was a $60 deal, $30 for the ADSL2+ and $30 for the phone.

    Now if they would only jump on Telstra for their shitty 8000/364 ADSL that can't even average a quarter of that all will be well.

    They do clearly state the costs involved! The only thing they got me with was in a building with a MDF they only run it to the first point! So I had to jumper from the incoming line to my apartment myself(licensed ofcourse!).

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