Feeling Misled By Your TPG Contract? You May Now Be Able To Exit It Without Penalty

Feeling Misled By Your TPG Contract? You May Now Be Able To Exit It Without Penalty

The battle over whether TPG’s advertising for a $29.99 unlimited broadband plan was deceptive has been running for quite a while and isn’t finished yet. But this is now a practical outcome for consumers: if you signed up for the Unlimited ADSL2+ plan at that price but feel you were misled as to the total cost, you can now ask to be released from your contract.

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TPG made an undertaking to the Federal Court earlier this month that it would release any customers aggrieved by its promotion of the plan in 2010, which failed to note that line rental of $30 also had to be paid on top of the $29.99. The specific wording of the undertaking:

If a customer of TPG’s Unlimited ADSL2+ broadband plan notifies TPG that he or she was misled as to the monthly charge payable for the plan and indicates a desire to terminate his or her contract, TPG will permit such customers to terminate the contract without penalty

Note that TPG no longer markets its broadband plan this way; the cheapest entry-level plan is now $59.99. To take advantage of this undertaking, you would have to be on the $29.99 plan, not the more recent revision. If that’s you and you do want out, contact TPG customer service.

TPG is still appealing a $2 million fine imposed by the Federal Court. That case returns to court in November this year.



  • So that would explain the weird email I got a little while ago, saying TPG were fighting it….lol.

    False and misleading conduct by TPG Internet Pty Ltd

    Dear ***********************,

    The Federal Court of Australia has found that TPG Internet Pty Ltd (TPG) engaged in false and misleading conduct through its “Unlimited ADSL2+” advertising campaign. This follows legal action by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

    In September 2010, TPG launched an advertising campaign on television, radio, in newspapers and online, and later in magazines, coupon booklets and brochures, and on cinema screens, and indoor and outdoor billboards for its “Unlimited ADSL2+” broadband plan. The advertising claimed that customers could obtain an unlimited ADSL2+ broadband internet service for the cost of $29.99 per month. The Federal Court found the advertisements failed to adequately disclose that this was only offered on condition that the customer also purchase home phone line rental from TPG at an additional cost of $30 per month. The monthly cost of the bundled services was therefore $59.99 not $29.99.

    TPG has filed a notice of appeal against the decision of the Federal Court.

    If you have any questions regarding this letter, please contact Customer Service 13 14 23 (option 3+1).

    Yours sincerely,

    TPG Internet

    • Because this is regarding a fixed line connection and internet, not a mobile phone plan. I suggest reading the article properly before commenting…also how is ‘every single mobile phone plan’ misleading. Care to elaborate?

  • Wouldn’t anyone have realised this anyway when signing up? I’m sure mention of signing your phone over to TPG must have been in the contract somewhere, so everybody had the option of backing out then or agreeing to it and continuing.

  • If people can’t learn to read the fine print, they deserve to reap the consequences. There are not many ISPs that offer cheap unlimited ADSL2+ plans that do not also toss in line rental. Internet without line rental (TPG refers to it as ‘Naked ADSL2+’) usually costs significantly more. While TPG is no saint, I can honestly say I’d prefer them to any of the major ISPs (Telstra, Optus…) which overcharge on nearly everything nowadays.

  • I use TPG Mobile.

    I like them, because I get a functional phone with enough minutes/MBs for me for $10 a month.

    But then, I forgot my password to the website. Password request.

    They sent me an email: “Here is your password, XYZ123”

    They don’t encrypt their passwords in any way in their database.

    Kind of staggering incompetence, for a national company.

  • mobile phone plans advertise that you get a certain phone for $X per month for 24 months invidi main add. They fail to mention the extra $10-$20 for the price me the handset. They get away with it because they give you a minimum total contract cost which includes the handset price.

  • I use TPG, and like them, and have no complaints. Someone in TPG Marketing would have taken serious heat over this mistake. Not a reflection of them as a company or their service, just a poor communication (or Marketing ploy_ in breach of regulation.

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