ACCC Takes Optus To Court Over "Unlimited" Broadband Plans

When Optus announced "unlimited" broadband plans in that came with plenty of limitations, readers asked why the ACCC hadn't intervened. Now it has, with a court hearing scheduled for June over its use of the phrase.

The ACCC's announcement of its case against Optus focuses on two examples: "unlimited" calls on the Turbo Max plan and the more general notion that an "unlimited" phone and broadband plan can't be called that if the "offers are subject to a number of limitations and restrictions". It's a reminder that unlimited downloads aren't likely in Australia any time soon.



    *cough* TPG *cough*

      Yea, but I think they offer unlimited ADSL 2 speeds, So its differnet. Yes it is unlimited ADSL if adsl speed is considered 1Mb. Your not getting throttle to dial up speed anymore, its DSL speed and thats the difference.

        No, TPG have a very real unlimited plan, $75 for no data metering or throttling - ever.

    We knew this was going to happen.
    But Im surprised Optus didnt know it was going to happen.

      Clearly you've never actually worked with Optus. ;-)

    They've been doing this forever.

    About five or six years ago there was plans on cable for "unlimited" and "unlimited pro" - which had different download limits and horrific shaping (20-28k I believe).

    I wish the Canadian government would do this. I am sick of seeing ads for "Unlimited" phone plans, meaning unlimited so long as you don't stroll more than 20km from the city centre. As soon as you move outside the city into another area code 30c/min.

    This is one of the biggest selling points when I do my job. Get an optus customer to do a speed test. Telstra is a bit more expensive, the customer service is crap but shit we have great speed.

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