TPG Fined $2 Million For ‘Misleading’ Ads

TPG Fined $2 Million For ‘Misleading’ Ads

This court case began way back in 2010, and it’s still not over: TPG has been fined $2 million in the Federal Court for misleading broadband advertising. TPG plans to appeal, but it’s a reminder that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) takes a very firm view on misleading advertising.

The case stems from TPG advertising an unlimited ADSL plan as costing $29.99 a month, without specifying that there was also a $30 monthly line rental fee and without making the total minimum cost clear. (TPG now offers that plan without line rental, but does charge the full $59.99 for it.)

TPG also copped a $13,200 fine in an unrelated case earlier this year, and the ACCC says it will continue to closely monitor broadband advertising. Chairman Rod Sims said: “The ACCC is committed to taking a hard line to secure a culture of compliance by telecommunications providers and improve marketing in the telecommunications industry. The ACCC will continue to take court action in order to achieve this.”

As Luke over at Gizmodo reports, TPG plans to appeal, so we haven’t heard the last of this. The lesson for consumers is clear: providers can’t conceal costs in the fine print, but you should always make sure you know the total minimum cost of anything before signing up.


  • TPG are scum bags, tried to charge me a cancellation fee for a service I never even signed up for!
    Agreed to cancel without any fees, and then a year later demanded the payment anyway.
    Then agreed to waive it again, and AGAIN another 8 months after that demanded payment for a third time.

  • Not to mention the worst customer service and the most unreliable/unpredictable/poorly-managed network in the country. Why anyone would ever sign up with them after reading what previous customers say about them escapes me entirely…

  • ive had TPG charge me (read: took money out of my account without permission) in the past for things i never wanted, asked for, or was asked about.

    plus a heap of other customer service issues that im sure we’ve all had.

    there basically just incompetent

  • I am currently with TPG. My net connection drops numerous times a day. I have tried different routers, filters, cables and even had Telstra come out to look at the phone line. Everything seems to be in order.

    Long story short, don’t bother with TPG.

  • I have used Tesltra, Optus, etc… and honestly TPG was by far the best of the lot. Never once had a conncection time out or dropping lines.
    Those issues are Tesltra issues which is deliberate taregeting of competitors.

    • Whirlpool’s ISP Survey’s results violently disagree with your opinion. TPG was far and beyond the worst rated, followed by Dodo, which I can confirm from a recent dealing with, leave much to be desired, physical service aside.

      • Dodo charges $.10/MB for overages on their ADSL.

        I talked to the sales rep. He said, ‘oh yeah, we don’t shape, we charge for overage, but it’s super cheap. Only $.10 a MB, don’t worry’

        So, $100 a GB is ‘cheap’ for overage.

        I told him they had lost my business forever and hung up.

    • TPG used to be good, but that was years ago when they really injected competition in ADSL. Thanks for all of that TPG, but honestly, don’t bother offering “unlimited” ADSL unless you spend money to improve your infrastructure. It took over 4 weeks to get them to agree that a fault with our internet connection was their fault (and when their tech finally turned up, he agreed with us, the problem was with the exchange).

      • we have been with TPG for a number of years and i think they have always been honest and and reliable. I had changed my plan and they did not increase my payment and i always get good customer service

  • What is the best unlimited internet service in victoria ? As i use too much Online TV streaming , so i think 500 GB would not be enough for me , any recommendation . TPG have said that they can’t provide me ADSL 2+ in Tarneit Vic 3029

  • Here is a horror story from TPG

    Every second week I have to call them because my line speed has magically dropped by half. And every week I tell the tech what to do to fix it. They always mention that was weird it was their end. But It keeps happening, I’ve changed routers to just incase. Its clearly them because they fix it right away every time. Bunch of human excrement.

    When this contract ends I will not be going back. I’ve already talked about 30 people out of going with TPG. Lets hope the filthy owner of TPG gets shot and dies a slow painful death, worthless human.

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