TPG Drops Price On Unlimited Broadband Plan

TPG Drops Price On Unlimited Broadband Plan

TPG has dropped the price on its unlimited broadband plan from $75 to $59.95, which a quick glance at our Planhacker Unlimited broadband guide suggests makes it a very competitive deal. It’s not available nation-wide, but if you can get it and use a lot of data it’s definitely worth adding to your shortlist. [TPG via OzBargain]


  • I believe its their B3 battleship sinking move fired at Internode.

    A few companies (iinet, Exetel and TPG) since the big Telstra’s shuffle-up / price restructure, who are hosting on TW ports have had some quiet significant price drops, and quota increases. Internode however hasnt.

  • For what its worth I switched from ‘node to TPG (only because TPG offered 2+ where I was moving to and node didn’t). On ‘node I never hit my limits but on TPG I hit them each and every month. Don’t particularly worry me as the shaped speed is only a smidge slower than than unshaped but I think that there is some sort of issue with the way they measure data usage and the ability to monitor it is frankly pretty woeful. I know that node only count d/l and TPG count up and down but even allowing for that it has still been a big jump with no really change in usage pattern.

    Obviously not an issue with a true unlimited plan but my suspicion is that there is some degree of shall we say optimism in their usage figures.

  • The only problem I can see with this is that TPG have absolutely terrible customer service. I have been attempting to set up Internet at my new house for over a week now and was hoping to take TPG up on their unlimited offer. TPG however have constantly said that there is no phone line at that address. Three times they’ve said it now.
    Internode sorted me out in about 12 hours with a confirmation and booked me an install time.
    I’m quite happy to pay more for service instead of getting a good deal on slackness.

    • I’ve been with TPG for about a year and a half and am in my third house with them, we’ve never had a problem getting our internet connected with them. Maybe you just had shitty luck?

  • TiG: If you don’t have an existing line TPG really can’t do anything. Some ISP’s have the ability to organise/order line installation but TPG does not. So they constantly told you that they couldn’t do anything because you didn’t have an active line because they really couldn’t. It was up to you to fix, their hands were tied on that issue.

    Chris: Use NetUsageItem to monitor your TPG bandwidth. Their monitoring is actually pretty good although reporting is delayed. That also let’s you exploit it though (going to go over?? Just blow the hell over you limit before their software updates). It used to record the data at midnight and apply it at 9am. I think that has changed recently but I’m not sure.

    • When I was with ‘node I used to use MUM to monitor useage. That wasn’t provided by node by I got the impression that they assisted somehow. Anyway that was fantastic and since it sat in the toolbar didn’t require a browser.

      However I will give netusage a go……..have to go back to Firefox though as Chrome has stolen my browsing allegiance.

      For MUM check here

  • I assume this wil get passed on to recently connected customers?
    TIG, I had a drama trying to get my point across to their Customer Service six months ago. They denied I could be connected. Just tried again. This time I got a rejection email but the Telstra guy turned up anyway and connected it no worries. Confirmation email came next. Go figure!

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