Dodo Busted By ACCC For Unlimited Broadband Promotions

Dodo Busted By ACCC For Unlimited Broadband Promotions

Broadband providers, beware the word “unlimited”. Having already won a battle with Optus and launched a case against TPG, the ACCC has now enforced $26,400 in infringement notices against Dodo over advertising for its “Unlimited ADS2+” broadband plan.

The ACCC announced today that the fines were issued because Dodo had not adequately disclosed in advertising that its $39.90 unlimited service was only available if a home telephone plan was purchased, making the minimum cost $69.80. (We highlighted that as one of the issues with the plan back when it was first announced.)

A similar issue is at the heart of the ACCC’s current beef with TPG, though Dodo has agreed to pay the infringement notices while the TPG issue has proceeded to a full court case. Regardless, the lesson for consumers is clear: check the details very carefully before signing up with any ISP. While the ACCC enforces these rules tightly, not being slugged with unexpected costs or hassles in the first place is always a better outcome.



  • I thought this was quite obvious when I checked it out on their website, and I still feel it’s good value. Same when I looked TPG website. I guess it’s confusing for n00bs

  • Exetel offered unlimited ADSL1 with no fine print or fair use policy, but word on the street is there was a 180GB limit, although exceeding that only got you capped at 2-3Mbps which is still very reasonable compared to dialup speeds.

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