Internode’s Terabyte Plan Has No Peak Times, High Prices

Internode’s Terabyte Plan Has No Peak Times, High Prices

Internode has joined the recent flood of terabyte download limit plans, adding itself to iiNet, iPrimus and TPG. It’s the only one of those plans not to distinguish between peak and off-peak usage, but at a minimum of $149.95 a month, it’s not the cheapest option around.

The plans, which will be officially released next week, are part of a general revamp of Internode’s lineup that increases data allowances across the board. The $149.95 figure is for users who also sign up for a home phone service; the unbundled deal is $159.95, and a naked deal costs $179.95. The figure includes uploads and downloads.

In practice, terabyte deals still look better than many of the unlimited broadband plans on the market, assuming you can get one in your location.

Hit the announcement below for further details of the Internode plan (and the other new options appearing), and tell us which of the terabyte options is attracting your attention in the comments. Do



  • If you plan on keeping your data they should bundle the service with a terebyte hard drive delivered every month. Seriously who downloads that much data? I struggle to take advantage of my 160Gb plan.

  • @esquire I regularly use 200+ GB without even trying. Four people using one connection in the house and the GB can certainly rack up. Especially with my households penchant for streaming everything and anything.

    Also these plans mostly count uploads too, so you might be misjudging how much you will actually use if your on a plan which currently doesn’t currently count them.

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