TPG Joins The Terabyte Brigade

First iiNet offered a 1TB plan, then iPrimus responded with a 1.1TB deal, prompting us to speculate about a "battle of the terabyte caps". That seems to be happening, with TPG also entering the fray.

TPG hasn't yet put details of the plan on its own site, but announced the basic features on the TPG forum at Whirlpool: 1TB a month as well as phone line rental and unlimited local calls. The plans are due to be available from September 1.

While the inclusions in this deal are broader than the iiNet and iPrimus options, it's said to only be available in "limited TPG coverage areas", which might limit its appeal. (A similar issue was evident with TPG's uncapped broadband earlier this year.) We don't expect Telstra or Optus to enter the fray any time soon, but broadband cap increases do seem to be cementing in nicely as a trend. Thanks B for the pointer!

TPG Forum [Whirlpool]


    Are people forgetting that TPG has a 24/7 Unlimited plan that is only $79?

    I've been with TPG for over 10 years...but still no ADSL2 on my I'll be moving to iPrimus to take their 1TB plan shortly, or at least the Kahuna plan. Bummer TPG, we could have been so good together.

      Check you exchange is capable of ADSL2 first - many aren't in my area and the reason I use TPG with ADSL

        Thats the issue. My Exchange has ADSL2, just TPG doesnt offer it there...but iPrimus, Optus and Telstra do, meaning I have to move to one of them, and since the land line has to move to the ADSL2 provider, I have to find a good phone deal with them too.


    would be nice if i could get ADSL2 in our area :(

    yayaya i get ADSL2 in my area, YAY

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