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In December last year, Internode switched from a tiered plan structure to a single option for its naked broadband offering -- 1000GB for $69.99. While a massive shift from Internode's modus operandi, it syncs with quasi-owner iiNet's plans, so no real surprises there. However, current Internode users looking to change their plans, it does come with a caveat -- all content is metered.


Dear Lifehacker, My home connection is meant to be ADSL2+, but I have never exceeded 5.0Mb/s for downloads. My ISP tells me that is all the speed I can expect living 3.6 km from exchange. Is that true? Am I right in thinking that going through a VPN my download speed would be much worse? And can I do anything other than wait for that very elusive NBN?


Hi Lifehacker, I've recently moved to a town in Queensland that has no available ports for ADSL in the nearest exchange. I'm paying too much for a Wi-Fi hotspot and am scared of using it as I'm charged for every MB over my miniscule data allowance. What other options are there? How long might I have to wait?


There was a time when unlimited broadband plans proliferated, but these days your choices if you want a truly unlimited connection are relatively limited. Planhacker rounds up what's still on offer for NBN and ADSL2 customers.


If you're a heavy internet user, getting shaped at the end of the month can be a major nuisance, and no-one wants to pay a fortune for excess data. The solution is an unlimited broadband plan, but what choices do you have? Planhacker rounds up all the unlimited ADSL2+ deals.


Hey Lifehacker dudes! I have been looking at some new internet plans and I have come across some "off-net" plans (specifically with TPG). I was wondering: what exactly is "off-net", and why is it so much cheaper than normal? Thanks, Net Of Confusion


Residents of major cities are used to the idea that they will have a range of broadband options to choose from. However, Internode's newly-announced ADSL2+ service in Alice Springs is the first non-Telstra service option to be offered.


Internet or phone connectivity problems? Telstra's revamped outage site now lets you search by postcode for any known issues in your area with its exchanges. It will also be updated with additional information during major disasters. Handy (for the large swathe of the population using Telstra connections).