iiNet Increases Broadband Download Limits, Starts Counting Uploads

iiNet Increases Broadband Download Limits, Starts Counting Uploads

iiNet has announced changes across most of its broadband plans, increasing the download limits on many of them. But there’s a price to pay for that extra data — all those plans will now count uploads as well as downloads.

Like many other providers, iiNet has always counted uploads and downloads for naked DSL customers, but hasn’t taken the same approach with other broadband products until now. Whether that makes much practical difference might depend on your usage, but it’s worth considering if you’re looking at these options. iiNet’s press release talks up its launch of a one terabyte download limit plan, but while that might attract headlines, it’s the counting of all your data that might make a more practical difference.

The new plans take effect from August 20. Naked DSL customers will automatically be migrated onto the new options; other customers will stay with their existing plans unless they elect to switch.

Like the sound of the new options? Annoyed at the new counting rules? Tell us in the comments.

iiNet announcement [PDF]


  • I honestly don’t know how this will affect me. At the moment I have home4 bundled with phone, which is 60/60 for $59.96 + phone.

    The new plans don’t have anything listed for that price. There’s the 100/100 with the same off-peak hours for $10 less and 200/200 with 2 extra hours off-peak for $10 more.

    Admittedtly, I think that the extra quota roughly covers my uploads (or is even an upragde overall once they’re included) so this is pretty good.

    It’ll be interesting to see how iiNet’s competitors react.

    • Same plan here…

      Are the bundled prices in the list including the line rental or do you add that price n top??

      Cause I don’t mind paying $10, maybe…

    • I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve got the home 5 bundle however though, same as yours just 10/10gb more quota.

      It seems like all the Naked iinet customers have gotten their upgrade? When are the bundled ADSL2+ customers going to get the upgrade?

  • Counting uploads is so annoying! With iiNet’s growth, it was almost a given that they would become more Telstra-like over time. It’s definitely happening now, if it wasn’t already.

    I was already thinking of switching to a TPG plan which doesn’t count uploads, and saving around $30 a month while increasing quota … I think this just made my mind up!

    Only caveat is that it takes 10-20 days to switch, and I assume I’ll be Internet-less for most, if not all that time 🙁

    • At least iiNet has compensated for the change by drastically increasing the quotas. If they were truly like Telstra, we’d simply start being charged for uploads with no notice and probably an extra cost if we wanted to upgrade our plans to have enough quota to compensate.

      • In my defence, I said “Telstra-like” … not full blown Telstra 😉

        I like iiNet, always have … just the price point for my current usage patterns seems to not be suited to their current plans for whatever reasons.

  • So if I’m currently on the Naked DSL 3 account, at $69/month (with 50/50GB limits), I’m going to get switched to 300/300GB at no extra cost?

    If that’s right, I’m pretty stoked.

    • This is what an iiNet Rep said on Whirlpool ..

      Just to cover this one off a little more for existing Naked Home customers:

      Old Naked 1 plans will be grandfathered with no plan change.

      Old Naked 2 plans will be automatically shifted to new Naked Home-1 with new quota of 50+50 for the same price.

      Old Naked 3 plans will receive a quota increase to 75+75 and will then be grandfathered.

      Old Naked 4 plans will receive a quota increase to 100+100 and will then be grandfathered.

      Old Naked 5 plans will be automatically shifted to new Naked Home-2 with new quota of 200+200 for the same price.

      Old Naked 6 plans will be automatically shifted to new Naked Home-3 with new quota of 300+300 for the same price.

  • Offering 1tb of data on ASDL1 is a bit like the bad old days when you could have 1000 free hours (in the first month…) of dial up.

    Not possible to use it all.

  • I’m currently on ADSL2+ Home 7 bundled with phone.

    The new plans will give me 500+500 instead of 100+100 for $30 less… I’d have to upload 400+400 in order for this to be a downgrade.

    I don’t like uploads being counted but as Andrew posted earlier “Who cares about uploads when you have 1TB of data!?”

    • yes, but how much “discouragement” are they going to get? with 1TB of data, it really wouldn’t make that much difference if you were to upload constantly for the whole month.

      I would hazard a guess that those that use bit torrent would probably not be too affected because you would only need to upload at max speed for the duration of the download. After that you could always shape your uploads to minimise your usage, if you were so inclined…

    • “It looks to me like they are subtly trying to discourage the Bit Torrenters by counting uploads…”

      on the highest plan at least this does not seem to be the case, you’d need to upload 4 times as much as you download before you’d be worse off.

  • The iiNet press release states “Alternatively, customers could stream the ABC’s new 24 hours news channel, ABC24, continually for the entire month and still have more than half their quota remaining for other uses.”

    Does this mean that the iView is no longer freezone?

  • I really don’t like these plans. I’m happy downloading 20/30 GB a month but I tend to upload a lot more.

    I wish there plans more suited to the uploaders.

    I’ll definitely not be choosing IINET or any ISP that counts uploads.

    • We blew through 50GB (business account) in less than a week from just having one staff member using remote desktop. We had to upgrade to the terabyte plan as we’ll have about 9 people working off that internet connection using remote desktop, vnc, ssh etc as of next week.

      We had planned to get bonded adsl since we already have annex M enabled but with the amount we’re paying, we’re having a hard time justifying the costs.

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