Adam Joins The Terabyte-A-Month Broadband Club

Adam has joined the growing group of providers offering a one terabyte a month deal for volume-heavy customers. At $120 a month and with usage split into peak and off-peak periods, how does it stack up?

As our Planhacker roundup of 1TB+ plans shows, Adam's SuperChoice pricing falls just below its obvious rivals iiNet, Internode and Netspace, all of whom charge $130 a month. There are cheaper plans to be had, but many don't offer full ADSL2+ speeds. All things considered, it's a reasonable though not astonishing offer.

Adam via [ZDNet]


    Just wondering, why would anyone bother when, as long as you are hooked up via telstra lines to a tesltra DSLAM, you can get unlimited ADSL2+ from TPG for $79.99 a month?

    Take a look at the 2009 Whirlpool Broadband Survey and I think you'll find your answer, for instance when asked the question "would you recommend your current ISP to other people?" 95.1% of Adam customers said yes (3rd highest). Basically Adam's known for having excellent customer service and rock solid reliability.

    Chris, their so called 'rock solid reliability' is anything but. Being knocked offline (Brighton exchange) nearly 2 weeks made sure I moved onto Internode. Adam internet's approval rating is dropping every year the survey comes out.

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