iPrimus Offers A 1.1TB Broadband Plan

iiNet's plan revamp announced yesterday included an option offering a one terabyte quota. In a move which might herald a battle of the terabyte caps, iPrimus is now offering a plan which includes 1.1TB of data.

Like the iiNet option, iPrimus 1.1TB plan counts both uploads and downloads (though unlike iiNet, iPrimus has long had that policy in place), and includes peak and off-peak components. It costs $99.95 a month for a standard plan, or $119.95 a month for a naked DSL version. iPrimus already offers unmetered access to iView and TiVo, so you could in theory chew through a lot of data on this plan.

Obviously, more data for less money is a generally welcome trend, but the stealth effect of counting both uploads and downloads becoming an industry standard is something to watch for. The plan is also only available on a 24-month contract, which is understandable from a business point of view but does suggest there'll be some teeth-gnashing this time next year if 2TB plans become the norm.



    So who has the best plan for around 100$ a month without a contract?

    iinet is month to month. 200gb off and 200 on for $89 Naked.
    500 off 500 on for $99 bundled with a phone line.

    Things are changing quickly it seems ... TPG have also announced a 1TB plan just now.

    Well done to iiNet for sparking a quota war!

    Kay, now lets get some 1TB plans on Unwired!

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