Internode Changes ADSL2 Plan Prices

Internode Changes ADSL2 Plan Prices

In the first major product adjustment since it was acquired by iiNet, Internode has changed pricing on its ADSL2+ plans. Does that mean its pricing is now aligning with iiNet? Not yet.

Internode’s announcement sums up the changes fairly simply:

Responding to customer requests, Internode has introduced a new intermediate level plan, with a 60GB data quota for just $10 a month more than its entry-level 30GB plan. Internode has also reduced the cost of its 300GB data quota plan by $10 a month and re-introduced a 600GB data quota plan. At the top end of its plan table, Internode has raised its largest data quota plan from one terabyte to 1200 gigabytes – for the same price!

Reassuringly, there’s no sign yet of peak/off-peak distinctions — a feature of iiNet’s plans which Internode has said it won’t be adopting in the near future (though it stopped short of saying that would never happen).



    • Agree 110%… as much as I love Internode… I’ve never known a company… in any field… to dick around with products and pricing as much, and as often as Internode does. And everytime they roll out some new range… they bang on about how THIS TIME they have GOT IT RIGHT and either (a) simplified the complicated confusing products offered… or (b) expanded the range due to customer demand…. and then only MONTHS later… they tinker again….

      And I have to wonder at the inefficiencies this creates internally because Internode lets people stay grandfathered into existing plans, even when they are discontinued from sale. I know that my current plan has not been offered for at least 2 years.. So they must have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of different products being sold every month, when the current range on sales is only 20-30 offerings… Must be nightmare for the accounts and customer service team…

    • You got it!
      Internode was great for customer service (though the last time I dealt with Internode customer service was a long time ago), but in the end, despite ‘budget’ customer service from TPG, the unlimited plan is tops.

      I mean, it’s not like I’m calling customer service every week anyway…

  • Actually, if you look at iiNet’s Naked tables for example, the change *does* start to align them with iiNet, just in an active ‘point of difference’ way.

    iiNet Naked Home 1: 50 + 50 = 100GB, $70
    iiNet Naked Home 2: 200 + 200 = 400GB, $90
    iiNet Naked Home 3: 300 + 300 = 600GB, $120

    Internode Easy Naked 2: 60 GB, $70
    Internode Easy Naked 3: 300GB, $90
    Internode Easy Naked 4: 600GB, $120

    So, you can choose to have Peak + Off Peak with higher total quota (iiNet), or “Use Any Time” with higher “Peak” quote (Internode) at each price point. Seems like a good thing to me.

  • Not Happy Jan! Which customers would have requested this? nice spin.
    First they upped my 150GB plan by $10pm now take it away or more correctly, dropped the allowance from 150GB to 60GB as it’s the same price!
    This is once way to spin it in a press release, but I see the hand of iiNet destorying internode already. Next they kill off they nice links to europe (why I went with internode, or flood them with iiNet users….

    • Right there with you man! I also had the 150GB plan, which they increased by $10/month and now for the same price they’re offering 60GB? wtf!? If they force me to change or something, I’m leaving. I’ve put up with enough, and while their customer service was really good, they sent me two loan modems because I was having connection issues and sent out a tech and everything (one of the loan modems was faulty though so that’s why they sent 2)) but still! Enough is enough and it just seems ridiculous to be getting more and more expensive while getting less and less data…

  • I’m still on a grandfathered HOME-NakedExtreme-60 (60 GB, $69.95 per month).
    that’s 60GB download, unlimited uploads with $10 of free credit on my node Phone.
    So for the same price I can get 60GB split between Up & down quota with $10 of free credit on my node Phone?
    Meh, i will stay on my old old plan

  • I’m on 200GB for $80 a month and I think I’ll stick with that for now. I think the past three times I’ve changed my plan when a new one came out with Internode, I’ve ended up increasing my monthly bill by $10. I’m not spending ANOTHER $10 a month for 300GB yet.

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