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In December last year, Internode switched from a tiered plan structure to a single option for its naked broadband offering -- 1000GB for $69.99. While a massive shift from Internode's modus operandi, it syncs with quasi-owner iiNet's plans, so no real surprises there. However, current Internode users looking to change their plans, it does come with a caveat -- all content is metered.


Internode today announced details of the phone services it will offer with its NBN plans. Given the choice between paying $19.95 a month line rental for a semi-traditional phone service, nothing for a VOIP service apart from calls, or giving up on a landline altogether, which option are you going to choose?


You might think of iiNet and its Internode subsidiary primarily as internet service providers, but both have also updated their mobile phone offerings in recent days. We've analysed what's in their new plans and compared them to other offerings on the market.


Moving into a house on a brand-new estate can be a mixed bag. You'll often have a high-speed fibre connection on offer rather than having to use an ageing copper network, but you may not have any choice about which ISP you can use for that service. Lifehacker favourite Internode has just started offering a fibre service at 125 newly-built estates, giving residents in those areas a choice between buying a service from Telstra or through Internode.


In a move signalling that it will be targeted Telstra customers more directly, Internode has said it will be able to shift existing customers of Telstra's BigPond consumer services onto rival broadband plans much more speedily than in the past.