Telstra Drops Dongle Price On Next G Prepaid Turbo

Telstra Drops Dongle Price On Next G Prepaid Turbo

Telstra Drops Dongle Price On Next G Prepaid TurboTelstra has dropped the price on its Turbo Next G prepaid dongle for wireless broadband access, introducing a new $89 model that includes a rotating USB connector so you can plug it in at any angle you fancy.

Telstra previously charged $129 for its older, non-rotating Turbo prepaid USB dongle (which, oddly, still remains on sale). The starter data bundle has also been upped from 1GB to 2GB.

You can still purchase the $79 non-Turbo prepaid model, but with only $10 the difference, going for the potentially speedier model seems a no-brainer. To see how Telstra’s recharge pricing (which hasn’t changed) compares to its rivals, check out our Planhacker prepaid wireless broadband guide.



    • To all who are reading this – Telstra will be releasing new plans to the market around the end of this month that involve wireless Broadband repricing. We are also releasing some kick ass plans towards the end of the year.

      We are going to be focusing on the bundles – which will only get better. Cant say much at the moment only that we are (at the moment) starting to beat the cheaper plans with more value-add stuff, and will only get better.

      any questions please post, ill watch this one till the end of the week and reply when i can.

      p.s. Yes i Do work for Telstra, and Yes i DO care about the customer – My team is working on making the crap company awesome again (think – google-fying) 🙂

  • As a former Telstra employee(one of the many made redundant in the last few years), I trust you are making these comments by adopting an “outside Telstra looking in” approach. That always seemed to be the problem, even Justin Milne’s group hadn’t thought about a “staff discount” for broadband when originally released. Fortunately, Justin was one of “the good guys” & prompltly fixed that……but what I mean is that Telstra often appear to be comparing something “new” with what they already have…..rather than the “outside marketplace”. You are correct re Telstra’s content – one of their great advantages but products too highly priced to “move” to Telstra.

    The T-Hub, T-Box etc may not be to everyone’s taste, but at least they show some innovation and an attempt to actually be “original”….something good to advance the Company.

    Without knowing what sort of “bundles” & “kickass plans” are & at what cost, it’s hard to make any comment – good, bad or ugly….

    I hope you are “on song”, James, as the people at the coalface of Telstra obviously try their best with what they’ve got – but have no say in what they can offer……

  • Telstra need to get its act together.I have had probs with the nextg turbo dongle telstra told me it was a windows7 issue they are passing the buck every other wireless dongle from all other service providers has no issues xp and up its basically cruddy software and hardware telstra you`ve lost at least 100 customers that I know of because of this issue . I recommend Optus their pre paid plans are better and the band width is huge.

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