Telstra 4G Mobile Broadband Dongle Goes Prepaid

Telstra 4G Mobile Broadband Dongle Goes Prepaid

You’ve been able to buy the Telstra 4G mobile broadband dongle on contract since last September. Now it’s also available as a prepaid device for $129 (which includes 3GB of data). Telstra is also rolling out its first 4G tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.94G: Alex over at Giz has full details of that one. [Telstra]


    • 3G and 4G are really just marketing names for all intents and purposes. Ifyou are going by generally accepted marketing terms, you would say that WCDMA is 3G (The first), HSDPA 3.5G (Thought to be halfway to 4G) HSPA+ is 3.9G (Not quite time for 4G but we are nearly there) and LTE is 3.99G (We thought this was going to be 4G but the standards body changed their mind late in the development and decided not to call it 4G even though we were already planning to call it 4G).

      In terms of Technology, Telstra’s “4G” is LTE, while Telstra’s “NextG” is HSPA+. LTE is leaps and bounds quicker than HSPA+. LTE Advanced is just around the corner (this is supposed to be true “4G” unless it becomes 3.9999G) and LTE networks should be able to be easily upgrade to LTE Advanced.

      LTE rollsouts in 1800mhz, 2300mhz are going to occur over the next few years because we need capacity now as the mobile networks are already overloaded (all 3 Vodafone Optus and now Telstra). In the Long term when Analogue Television is shut off this will free up 700mhz, which is the real cream of the crop where we will see really widespread rollouts. The lesser mhz the better coverage you get.

  • If I want a dongle for my lap top for OCCASIONAL use,what is the best way for me to go.
    I may only need it for occasional weekends Please reply


  • Having tried one of the original USB 4G devices from Telstra, I can tell you they are leaps and bounds better than 3G, and even noticeably quicker than my current TPG ADSL2+ service. For me, the latency was the most surprising improvement over 3G. Much closer to wired services, and totally recommend one..

  • I have had the bigpond 320u modem and I’m very happy with it. The staff in the telstra shop said to me they are bringing out a wifi LTE modem in a Telstra and Bigpond version i have put my name down for one and the Telstra shop i go to they have alot of customers names down and you can put your name down for one the bigpond versions are better so you can’t go over so many gig per month. A lot of company’s are taking up the bigpond versions so there employees don’t over charge on data usage but the only thing different is no mobile phone number. You just take it home and setup online or if upgrade to a newer usb modem and it is very easy to swap over on the account

  • We are going outback. Way off beaten track. What is the best affordable way for mod coverage on computer. Thinking about a dongle or prepaid ..We are not on Teltra at moment and have basic phones.

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