Telstra Turbo Broadband Goes Prepaid

TelstraTurboBBTelstra has upgraded its prepaid 3G broadband offer, with a new USB modem going on sale for $169 and a Christmas special offer of 1GB of free data.

Telstra rarely gets plaudits for offering cheap 3G broadband, and given that the new device doesn't alter its basic rates, that's not likely to change. But the offer of 1GB of free data for services activated before December 31 is quite attractive (though take note: that deal doesn't kick off until November 3). And Mac users can at least rejoice that it works on their machines as well.

Telstra Pre-Paid Wireless Broadband


    Yes, but does it work correctly with Windows 7? My existing MF626 wireless broadband modem from Telstra does not, and the local Telstra shop and online support can't help in any way.

    I got my MF626 to work with windows 7 by installing it intially with Vista compatibility enabled. Works fine with windows 7.

    Yep, says in the book, works with win7 natively and OSX snowy, so no dramas there. Mine installed perfectly on 64 bit windows no problems, and only took about 2 mimutes.

    Mine worked well initially with W7, 64, but now my computer freezes totally at random times when I am on the internet. This is a well dfocumented feature of W7, but I have not read of it being associated with Telstra wireless BB so far.

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