Aldi Selling Prepaid Telstra 3G Broadband Dongle For $79

Aldi Selling Prepaid Telstra 3G Broadband Dongle For $79

Aldi tech specials often involve its own-brand products, but this one is a more reputable option: the basic Telstra Next G prepaid broadband dongle, complete with 5GB of data credit. At $79, it’s $20 cheaper than from Telstra itself. As ever with Aldi, you’ll need to get in early on Thursday to grab one (or persuade a staff member to unpack early). [Aldi via OzBargain]


  • Thank you sooooo much for posting this. I was basically walking out the door to a Telstra outlet to purchase this and saw this. You just saved me $20. Thank you 😉

  • “Reputable”? The first new PC I ever bought was from Aldi. Came with a remote, TV capture card and Vista. Still goes strong and makes a great media center PC. Only cost $800 too, which was cheap compared to the $1000+ other machines went for at the time.

    Hell, sometimes I wander into Aldi just to see what gadgets they have there!

    • I don’t think they were suggesting their products are bad; reputable can also imply that something is well-known.

      It’s impressive, if you remember that 3 was flogging these off with next to no data for $300 not all that long ago.

  • If you want a USB version, they have been sold in the past for $10 (at Harris Technology on clearance)

    I’ve seen them on sale a few times. Obviously they dont come with credit though, however some can be unlocked.

  • As much as this is a great deal, I can’t jump at this. I can’t justify buying one, either now, or in the expectation I’ll need it down the line, because I can’t see me needing it then either. *pained*

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