Kmart’s $1.75 Can Strainer Is a Legitimate Kitchen ‘Game Changer’

Kmart’s $1.75 Can Strainer Is a Legitimate Kitchen ‘Game Changer’

Today in things you didn’t know you needed (but definitely do), Kmart shoppers are frothing over a $1.75 can strainer that does exactly what it says on the tin… Here’s a closer look at the clever kitchen item, and why there is so much hype surrounding it right now.

Kmart can strainer: What is it?

In a nutshell, the Kmart can strainer is a plastic device that fits over the mouth of cans of food. It’s fitted with a number of small holes, so you can easily drain out the liquid in your can of corn, tuna, beetroot (or whatever).

Instead of peeling back the lid of your can and pouring out part of the liquid – while losing some of the contents of the can in the process – you can just pop this baby onto the top of the can and strain it fully.

You’ve got to admit, it sounds pretty useful. And it’s only $1.75.

Of course, the Kmart item is all over TikTok, with hundred of thousands of people tuning in to learn about this cheap but clever kitchen device.

The reviews on the Kmart website also highlight just how popular the can strainer is.

One shopper took to the reviews section to share what we’re all thinking, basically:

“And why didn’t someone invent this earlier….its a game changer!!”

Another shared that the device is “perfect” for them.

“This is perfect, when I’m opening several cans, pineapple, mandarin segments, etc, I don’t have to find strainers, I can just empty the liquid into the sink and let the fruit sit in its tin till ready to add. Great little gadget for small to medium cans, hopefully they introduce a large size for big cans,” they wrote.

Another shared, “Love this gadget. I normally end up cutting myself trying not to tip everything out of the can whilst straining the liquid. Fantastic product”

If you’re wondering about size, most people have shared that the Kmart strainer works for small to medium cans of food and the dimensions of the item are 2.9cm (H) x 11.5cm (W) x 8.8cm (Dia.). Folks are hoping that a larger version is rolled out soon, so it can be used for even more food products.

What do you think? Is this a must-have addition to your kitchen? Learn more about it here.

Lead Image Credit: TikTok/Kmart

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