Dealhacker: Telstra Mobile Broadband For $24.50

Compared to Vodafone or Virgin Mobile, specials on Telstra mobile broadband dongles are fairly rare. So occasional users might be tempted by this deal at The Good Guys: a prepaid Turbo USB dongle with 2GB of data for $24.50.

Telstra doesn't sell the same model any more, but its cheapest entry-level dongle is $79. Good Guys stock can vary quite a lot by store, so you might want to call ahead before trying to hunt down one of these.

[via OzBargain]


    This Turbo model used to cost $79, while the faster Elite used to be $99.

    The difference between the models are Speed, design, and the included data.

    It is a great bargain, as in most areas, you won't be able to get the faster speeds anyway.

    Coverage map:

    My friend went to Coles having been told of the same deal. He was told it ended last week.
    The person who he spoke to at Coles also said that it was the only time that person had heard of a Telstra USB bundle ever being on special at Coles (for that price).
    They must be trying to move old stock, so look out for other specials in coming weeks.

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